==– New InfoWars Stream on Banned Platforms Live –== Main Topic (Updates)


Keep snapshots of all this, where they killed it, before then after when its blank. records then if you can sue them. I believe Alex is suing?. And I’m sure others.


I’m trying to get in periscope but that stupid circle keeps going round and round and I can’t get in. Ill try later.


Americas InfoWars Google (Nazi) Termination Email:


Youtube (Nazi) Video Termination:


Americas News Wars:


We should think of a way to bypass this censorship of YouTube.


Only real way is to host video streaming yourself. And the upload bandwidth on that is tough.


Right now I have 3 back up channels but I am not going live for a bit until this passes over but I will continue to stream on Periscope and onto my Twitter as well.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheCensored1776
Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/AmericasInfowars
Backup Periscope: - https://www.periscope.tv/ForbiddenInformation

Youtube has cleaned house of all Live feeds at this time. Now when you search for anyhting Infowars, the top feeds are mainstream communist feeds.


What do you mean host the video yourself?


As in, not using a service like ScrewTube as a third party. You host it. Similar to what Infowars has to do.


InfoWars had to use BitChute and Brighteon which does not even offer live streaming unfortunately. - I hope to see something done about Commie Tube.


They’re evidently using something for live streaming, otherwise infowars.com/show would be quite blank. :wink:


Yeah they are broadcasting live from their studio and onto their servers which has embedded code to play what is being recorded live in studio on the site for /show.