New Massachusetts Patriots Club


Hey Patriots. A buddy & I started a Club/Organization of men & women that share Conservative/Libertarian veiws. We hang out have a beer or smoke talk about to local/state/federal current events. We want “To Preseve, To Conserve” the Patriot Views. We are trying to build the organization so we can have more man power to throw community events & give back. We hold meetings every 2nd & Last Wednesday Nights of each month. If anyone wants to know more about the club Text/Call: (339) 444-4698 or Email: [email protected]


I’m in Massachusetts whereabouts is this?


We are mostly outside of boston Dedham, Walpole area.


Feel free to call/text the number and ask questions.


That is so cool. I hope the group grows.


Friends, I’m in Dorchester. I’m a liberal but this sounds like a good way to have some strong debate, right?


Yes brother there is no discrimination of party designation. We just hang out, one of us might do a presentation. When we get the Dues up we will be doing more things with the guys & gals.


Solid man, sounds like a good deal.


Yes me to we need a great group patriots can feel safe and open.


Ok I’m in Brockton…yeah the only requirement I would like is to be pro America and a patriot


I’m also down to do some activism too


Text or call the number brother. Answer a few questions. Then after that I can mail or you can pick up an Application.


Bwahaha thats the only requirements.


I love the sound of this. Great idea guys.

Houston here. We got a little infowars army meet up crew going here.

Keep it up.!


Thats great buddy. Every state needs this. To happen. Trumps gonna need us. He called for An Awakening Friday. Just like Kennedy.


I will call later lol I work nights


We meet next Wednesday guys & gals. If you would like a invitation text/call (339) 444-4698 or Email [email protected] even to just ask questions to learn more.


Good convo we had via text the other day…how do I sign up?


I promise on my Patch that everyone who inquired will get a conference call tomorrow with my self and the Co-Founded. Its been a busy year so far for some of the brothers personally but we are back in the swing of things.