New Revolutionary War / Civil War 2.0 Tactics & Tips


I haven’t seen a similar topic, but this is a topic that should be discussed and played out.
We should lay-out ideas for fighting the inevitable war. If we are not thinking about it now, we’ll be behind the curve when the time comes.
I just wanted to have a place of ideas for people to think about when it comes time to fight, whether its local city fighting against antifa-like groups or tactics against militarized forces. Things maybe others haven’t thought of. Obviously, this forum is open to prying enemy eyes, but hiding these ideas won’t help the patriots. But that’s just my thought.
I’ll go first.

I have been theorizing, since I live pretty deeplyin a major city, that one of the best ways to fight in the city could be from the sewers and storm drains.
Having fought the insurgents in IRQ and AFG, the battlefield was rather 2d. What was right in front of you and from buildings you can clearly see and fight.
Fighting an insurgency won’t be as predictable for an enemy militarized force to compared to fighting one here in the US.
If we take the time to find the closest manhole to your house, pop it open and go down and just explore a little, this could be a very good short term bugout location if a mob is getting near your house. And the drains against the road provide an excellent, small silhouetted pillbox essentially.
Find one of those with a long line of sight down a prominent road and you could hold off a much larger force easily, with hidden egress tunnel routes that they couldn’t follow you down; those manholes are really heavy without a proper tool.
Perhaps, in our spare time now, get down there and start finding a complex escape route to get as far our of the city as possible, using spray paint to mark the walls for future use.
While we would be able to fight these people 5 to 1, they’re gonna be mobbed up a lot faster than Patriots will be rallied together. Do you know your closest squad-size amounts of neighbors that you can enlist in a neighborhood defense role?
This is just one of my ideas.


There won’t be a violent war if people take back and circulate theIr money which is Coin. They will then have a say and be heard. 12 U.S.C 411 is redemption law. Everything operates on money. Realize the Real Dollar and invalidate the fake. Liberty!


That is a good hope. I personally don’t think we’ll ever enter into a violent open conflict, but a begrudging hostility that just builds and never really goes anywhere.

But this thread was for anybody that has any ideas of such a scenario.


You glow and we aren’t falling for it.


okay whatev bro. You kids don’t have any tactical ideas anyway. I was just tryin to help spread some ideas


The ideas you are trying to spread are flawed beyond belief. I will post why I think this for people who actually read this thread.

  • Fighting in the city has never been ideal for American citizens from the 18th century to the present day.
  • Storm drains are not fighting systems.
  • Long guns are difficult or impossible to fit through most drain holes that will view the sunlight.
  • Storm drainage is not a secret map that no one knows about.
  • If it rains, it may flood the hole entirely, thus drowning will occur without scuba gear.
  • A small amount of rain can cause a flow of water enough to retard or null your mobility.
  • In most cases, a city may intentionally flood its drains at will.
  • Geoengineering may cause heavy raining at will, as done in Vietnam.
  • You are walking in your own gas chamber, think Waco.
  • You will need full-face respirators, you can get all sorts of bad stuff growing in your lungs when you stay down for an extended period of time.
  • If you want to end your resistance in the dumbest, most avoidable way possible, this is the way to do it.


My tip is to remember your morality and “the golden rule” where ever you are at in this.

Remember to remove the plank in your own eye first.

Practice predictive coping.


Word of mouth is extremely hard to stop, albeit, not the quickest method. Start with local (neighbors) and expand. Using quick forms of communication (this site for example) combined with face to face communication should prove effective. “Loose lips sink ships.”

I don’t advise engaging in urban conflicts unless highly organized (if you have to fight your way out, so be it… objective is tactical retreat). It would be better off to rally at strategic locations outside of cities (assuming it’s enemy territory ofc).

I see an alliance of counties as the only “peaceful” course of action that can be taken in oder to make a larger political statement (a large majority of cities will be in a “contained state”). Why not… demonrats have already made pacts among the city strongholds and towns. Allas, what I think is irrelevant, as I’m just another pie hole yawning in technicolor.


This is what I think the military is planning if there is ever a serious outbreak of war in the cities. Nobody is prepared for a long term siege. Cut the power and internet, no food, no fresh water, no fuel. The cities would destroy themselves in a few weeks without a shot fired.