New York Infowarriors From All New York Regions


Are there any Infowarriors from anywhere in the state of New York? I am in “Upstate NY” about 40 minutes north of our capital of Albany. If you are from New York, what region are you in based on the below map? I did a quick browsing of this site and I could only find that @Ali333 was in Long Island, but I am sure that there are other patriots from NY here.

Anyways, I feel like we should talk a little bit about ourselves. I’m a reform Jew (not religious and I love bacon) on the right born and raised in the small city of Saratoga Springs, NY. In March 2014, I moved to Tel Aviv, Israel to help out family, but I have been back in my hometown for about a year now also helping out family.

I am probably the most followed Jew on Gab (and certainly the most followed Israeli) and I can be found here:

I like that site the most for discussing news and politics, but I am also on Twitter (@OldFoolTheThird) and I created a Facebook page that I have not used that much, but plan to in the future (@NoFoolinTulin).

I have a show on Blog Talk Radio on most Saturdays from 9PM to 11PM Eastern Time, called “Ask A Jew”, where I talk about US, Israel, and world news and politics, since I have a ton of friends from many countries from living in Tel Aviv that are mostly from Europe, but I even have a Kenyan friend that supports Trump! @OwenShroyer and @zimmermann, I am glad that you made this site and I would love for you to come on my show at some point! In fact, anyone here is welcome to call in! The show can be found here on a network with many other conservative shows.

I joined up with the InfoWars Army to see if there was any local activism in which I could get involved, especially because I am so close to NY’s capital that I can get there extremely easy for activism activities. WE NEED TO SAVE NY!!! I am not sure if people out of state (or some in state) realize this, but the Republicans just lost the NY State Senate in the last elections, giving Andrew Cuomo full leeway to push through his radical agenda and turn us into California! He has even said that he will give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, which is something that the Republican majority in the NY State Senate has blocked in the past! We cannot lose New York because we have Wall Street and the largest branch of the Federal Reserve, so if we lose New York, then there will be no state to regulate either of these entities that are destroying our country! Is there anyone near the capital region of NY or surrounding areas that would like to organize activist activities in Albany so we can stop Cuomo’s radical agenda!?!

NYC Trump Supporters Account
Anyone here in upstate NY?
Activists And Politicians That You Know That Should Be On InfoWars
Any info warriors from Montreal?
New York Infowarriors?...or Are you surrounded by liberals in your state?
US "SPACE FORCE" HAS BEEN MURDERING OR DISAPPEARING US PATRIOTS SINCE 2016 - hostlile citizen murder record "2" known/video-documented as of "2017" - Victims: Michael and Mari

Im in Buffalo NY looking for local activists but i am willing to travel for events! Glad to see other NYers on here! Keep it goin friend!


I’m too far but just a shout out from Bronx ny


@THEBRONXSPARTAN, not too far for me! NYC is about a 4.5 hour ride from my area. At least you can get a bus easily from Port Authority to Albany if we decide to organize some sort of activist activity around the capitol building or somewhere else around the capital region.

Additionally, I go down to NYC every now and then too. I actually went down to NYC during the last election cycle to go to a fundraiser for Vickie Paladino, who was running in the 11th District of the NY State Senate, which covers parts of Queens and Bronx. Let me know if any activism stuff is going on in NYC and I’ll keep you updated about Albany! I feel like those might be the two most important cities in NY for any activist activity.


@IWArmy1776, I was actually thinking that Albany, NYC, Rochester, Buffalo, and maybe a few others would be the most important cities. Let’s keep each other posted about what is going on in our areas!


@DANG, everyone knows that everything south of Poughkeepsie may as well be NYC, but I think that “downstate” is better terminology. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, i ll get a city accent once in a while being on that border so maybe im a hybrid.


No activsim around here so I guess it’s us…
Let’s keep in touch…

Welcome aboard brother


I lived in NYC for a while years ago, and honey I can’t imagine the lib wasteland it is today!


Chaz, as a native New Yorker (now in Wisconsin), I am proud that you are helping rally the troops in the Empire State. We network, we stick together, we win! :sunglasses:


OMG! This post was just scrolled on by Owen during today’s war room transmission! My face was visible on the show!! I know i sound like an idiot rn but im so frickin happy! My dream is to be on infowars so this was so awesome!!


I seen that :grin::+1::grin::+1: :revolving_hearts: awesome!!


Laura could really use some support in the real world. 249 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011

Ask yourself who does number 2 work for! Help this freedom fighter


I am already making a new topic about this with other activists/politicians that I know in both the US and Israel that should be on InfoWars. It will be long because I am doing a short bio on each of them. I literally know a guy running for Knesset in Israel (the Israeli version of US Congress) that protested outside of Facebook’s Tel Aviv headquarters when Facebook banned InfoWars. On my birthday too! Best birthday present that I have received in a long time! Anyways, this is distracting me a bit from the insanely long post that I am about to make so I will make the rest of this short because I am know for typing a ton. I wish that I had known about Laura Loomer’s protest sooner because she is a huge heroine to me and I will likely be one of the people going to protest outside of Twitter’s NYC headquarters sometime next month.


They were going to kill Ghandi then the poeple stood up with him, surrounded him, protected him and then Ghandi WON. HELP LAURA LOOMER WIN!


Im about 1.5 hrs from there and didnt hear about whats going on but i ll wait for @nofoolintulin post to find out


Yes, Glad to see people got there with her.


Hey! I am in Manhattan!


Greetings from Queens. Can’t believe Amazon is moving here. Ugg… There goes the neighborhood. Kudos to Alex and all of you out there doing the right thing. Keep the faith.


We have a number of people already in the new York area…

We have too organize to protest Google and/or Alex Jones cencership in MANHATTAN!!