New York Infowarriors From All New York Regions


Definitely want too get together but will take your lead,
Much too learn.


I’m just a working class Greek American, live in the Bronx and work in the heart of Manhattan.

Listen too Infowars daily depending on mood I switch up on which shows daily.


NYC infowarrior baby. Uptown Bronx Harlem is my playground. I live in Toronto Canada now. I fully see the global agenda.


The last thing the DEMOCRAT,s want is 2 guys like us ever getting on the same page.

A working class black guy and a working class white guy with the same very basic very common sense American values…

It is there nightmare, u could throw in half the Republican double talking backstabbing rhinos too…

Welcome aboard.


Ugh… Paying attention to Vickie Paladino’s race in NY Senate District 11 (mostly part of Queens, but has some of Bronx in it too) showed me that the establishment Republicans in NYC are essentially just Democrats that infiltrated the Republican party down there. I became good friends with Vickie Paladino and her son (who I met on Gab and served as Vickie’s campaign manager) during the campaign. I texted her son a link to this thread yesterday because they might eventually need us for something because she is considering a run for NYC Public Advocate. She probably won’t win it, but it would put her in a good position to be a thorn in DeBlasio’s side even just by running and it would give her good experience for an eventual NYC Council run.


All new yorkers and others we should spread the word about senate bill s9197.

Anyone who owns a gun or wants to own a gun and ever had any facebook twitter social media account could lose their 2nd amendment if this bill is passed.


I’m from around the Elmira area. No, I don’t live in Elmira, that place is a shithole but I’m about 10 minutes outside of it. It’s a pretty crappy place, so crappy we have to send our kids to private school to avoid the indoctrination and head lice.


My parents took me out of the Saratoga Springs Public School System and sent me to Albany Academy for 7th to 12th grades, @workingclasshero. It is a very famous private school that has been around since 1813. Teddy Roosevelt sent his kids there when he was Governor of NY and many other famous people went there as well. When I went, it was so good and cheap (and still seems to be from what I can tell) that we had people there that were literally descendants of John D. Rockefeller as well as kids from the ghetto.

I am actually considering starting a sort of home school thing with experts that can teach kids things as a sort of extracurricular activity or something. I am a computer programmer and I would be good at teaching kids some basic programming skills since I have experience doing just that when I was a camp counselor at a computer focused summer camp when I was a senior in high school and in a bit of my college years. I started a topic for people to list their skills and that might be a good place to get teachers: What Are Your Skills?


Wow, that’s so crazy. I also do quite a bit of programming. I am what you would call a hybrid I guess… I do graphic design, photoshop, Illustrator and also can program in php, javascript, and ruby. I wanted to be able to build whole apps solo so I did two years of complete art/graphic design focus in college. I’ve been programming in a web development capacity since 2010.


Hey sweet! Not only did I find a fellow NYer, but an old college friend! Central NY here, but have lived in NY my entire life. Please no real name for me on here, NoFoolinTulin.


I figured out who @FlagDUDE08 is, InfoFam. I won’t disclose his real name at his request. We did in fact hang out a ton in college and I can guarantee you guys that he is 100% cool people. We go way back. Actually, all of you NY Infowarriors should get on my Discord server with him. I use it for many things, but I am planning on using it for a YouTube live stream tonight. I put all the details in this topic:


I re made the NYS seal to better reflect NY as the parasite state that it is.

NYS government is like the ticks on the dog/.

Souless bloodsuckers.



Hi Fellows from New York, please see this - as Albany New York “so called Public” Airport (ALB) and the silence of unknown patriot Michael Weiss of Clifton New York should be investigated and reported on.


WE HAVE SURPRISE VISITORS! ( something we all should talk everywhere about rather than ignore )

ref text:

The movie “Above Majestic” documents the actual existence of a Secret Space Program - and the included follow-up film in the 1GB “RED ALERT” MP4, Top Public - War Stars - show about 2 hours of actual authentic video evidence of their technology levitating low, slow, and either silently or with soft fake jet engine rumble above us - monitoring (and stalking some) all persons of interest - and in many cases following them around obsessively until the target disappears. Case in point - Michael Weiss - the producer of Top Public.

He stopped posted to his “radioeast1” youtube channel in November 2016. He was silenced by the mystery government for exposing the shadow government and their most daunting warfare technology so expertly - filming hours of their creepy surveillance from the silent crafts floating only football fields or less above him.

Michael Weiss was a very highly informed and brave patriot from upper New York State (Albany/Clifton Park). He was apparently Martyred for filming Mystery Government Antigravity Crafts that were stalking him for months prior - every night - a fellow patriot trying to warn the rest of us by this - and he is silenced in November 2016 - ***and their has been and still is is no significant reporting of it at all in the truth community in the past 3 years since he was somehow silenced?***

Shouldn’t we look into this story of a NWO martyr - currently the most brave unknown martyr???

What happened to Michael Weiss and Lance McCracken of new Jersey and Mauree of the WTFSKY channel before her channel was obviously highjacked by a bad CIA coverup op? Michael and her original disclosure interview from March 19th 2016 is included in the 2 hour film Top -Public War Stars. She’s silenced or gone too…

Thank each of you for your Blessings…

View Above Majestic, and Top Public- War Stars. - a MEGA HUGE deal.

Here is the latest compressed version (less than 1GB) Better version with new intro slightly more compressed ( only .98Gb - less than 1Gb ) :

if you would like to try uploading our freely distributable 4-hour mega-documentary about the unveiling of the now 'visually declassified" anti-grav platform skynet to a channel on youtube and elsewheres.

Michael’s book was also hyper informative and full of solutions, a most excellent read… so funny at times too. To Open in a Web Viewer, here is Michael Weiss’s fascinating ebook for a glimpse into Top Public - Wars Stars (only 7mb):


I’ve planted stickers on the backs of street signs (Otherwise they get pulled off).


This website is great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I have to get in that discord server.


Times Union is reporting that we’re sure to lose 1, and will most likely lose 2 Congressional seats.

I would not be surprised if the Governor seeks to go after Katko’s district and tries to gerrymander it so it goes blue. The district flipped all throughout Obama’s term and was a battleground for 2016. It was fairly close, but went to Katko a 2nd time. With Tenney and Faso losing, do they try to spread it east? Or, with Reed fairly safely in, do they try to put Ithaca into Katko’s district? I don’t see them dumping the Rochester or Buffalo districts anytime soon, and depending on Census figures, I doubt NYC is going to lose districts.


I am in Rochester, NY.
I see a few people from the capitol region… i spend a lot of time in Schenectady as well (where a lot of my family lives)
I am fairly new here, just wanted to say hi to my fellow New Yorkers :slight_smile:


Nice, @Allie! I actually live in Saratoga Springs, NY so both Schenectady and Albany are close to me and I have friends in those cities as well as all over the Capital Region.


Happy New Year! New to the site. Originally from NJ. Currently studying in NYC. Let me know if you are ever in the city :+1:t2:


Will do, @romaniac. Vickie Paladino, a newcomer politician that ran as a Republican for NY State Senate District 11 in Queens last November, has been asked to speak at something in Albany on Monday. I plan on being there since I may as well live in Albany and she has become a good friend of mine. I’ll try to fill everyone in on details as I know more, but at least I will be there to film some of it. She is an amazing speaker and her politics are on point so I am sure that I will get some amazing footage.