New York Infowarriors From All New York Regions


Thank you for the response, @NoFoolinTulin. Very cool. Definitely let us know!


Hi. We Instagram msg. I put the LGBTQ and other petitions on a website. Any feedback and suggestions are welcomed.

Now no more pledge of allegiance in my public elementary/MS. Before midterms we were saying it everyday.


Great to see more people from NY and NYC.

Just put up petitions on a website to help NY/NYC. As I see what is happening around me as a teacher in Public School 3-12 year olds in West Harlem, NYC.
Tear me apart, sign and share if you like.

Help get Jovi Val, from Brooklyn, NY Jovi Val TV to sign on to icomms.
Jovi has been on infowars/war room…

Next event, March 23, March for Trump at Trump Tower, 5th Ave, NYC
Google event in CA coming in April.


NY Capitol area is so important!

share and sign, criticize to the max…


I know, on another thread, someone was talking about meeting in the Syracuse area. I would be willing to help facilitate this. Whether it’s a weekend date, weekday if people are on retail jobs, probably sometime in the early afternoon? Do we want to come in with an agenda, or just a general meet and network?


I think it was this topic with @SCJ, @FlagDUDE08? I’d be down. I can unfortunately only get places accessible by public transportation right now, but I do live walking distance to the closest Greyhound. Pro tip: Don’t let your driver’s license expire for more than two years when you are a NY resident that lives out of country for an extended amount of time.


Bus and train station are near the mall (Carousel for the old timers, Destiny USA for the newbies), so that’s definitely a place where we could meet up. There’s also a good farm brew around if you’re into that sort of thing, but not really easy to get to without Centro (the city bus service). Mall would probably be easiest.


Maybe meet up somewhere easy to get to and if there is something cool that is accessible by local public transportation then someone familiar with the area can direct us there? We can also work out these logistics beforehand.


That’s why I’m suggesting the mall. It’ll involve a little bit of street crossing under the highway or you can take a Centro bus, but should be easy enough, as it’s one of the two hubs (the other being downtown). Amtrak runs 4 times a day through here to service anything from Buffalo to NYC. Greyhound I don’t know, that’s something that could be worked out.


Socialism only works until…


southern tier. (that includes being close to a Lockheed marten facility. they fly overhead so low it shakes windows but thats a side note) hopfully i can come across some infowarriors near me

me and my sister both she just does not have account yet. side note note tioga county judge is corrupted and local police. not all officers but majority.


I’m assuming around Owego?

Seems like all of us are fairly well spread out. I know I’ve seen an Owego (assumed), Elmira (not too far from you), Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Saratoga, couple NYC, and an Orange County (Definitely NOT upstate). North Country yet to represent in the present day.

Depending on how things go, perhaps we should plan for a meetup sometime in March?


There’s an event this Saturday at 10AM at the DeWitt Town Hall in East Syracuse with Congressman Katko to discuss I-81 and its right of way in the City of Syracuse. I intend to attend; anyone else in CNY want to come along? I plan to be discrete and not push other topics unless any leftards start (don’t know if they will; WSYR didn’t give any indication of that happening in Auburn). If anything, it could be a good meeting opportunity.


Those are the best bus times for me to be able to go to that but I would arrive in Syracuse around 2:45AM and be able to stay until 4:50PM at the lastest. x.x


Me and my wife are probably going to this Pro Life rally in Albany on Saturday Feb 23rd.
Anyone else thinking about it?

Activist - Day of Mourning - Saturday - 23rd of February, 2019
Call To Arms For The #DayOfMourning in Albany, NY on February 23rd!

Well, you can definitely count me in on attending that one, @DANG! I can get to Albany easily from where I live with local buses but some friends of mine might want to get in on this one too! I am about 30 minutes north of Albany and anyone is welcome to chill at my place or in downtown Saratoga Springs for a bit before or after the event if they are coming from far away.


No can do on my part; have other already-made plans out in my neck of the woods. :frowning: All the best to you, though.


@FlagDUDE08, I also just realized that the bus ride back will interfere with my Blog Talk Radio show tomorrow unless I take one back that is super early. I am sure that a Syracuse trip would work for me if I had a bit more time to plan it and maybe stayed overnight at some random hotel. Actually, maybe I will just do my show tomorrow night from a random hotel room and take a bus back Sunday. I guess there is still time to arrange that.


You said you have friends that would help you to get to Albany, yes? Because you traveling from Albany is going to be a heck of a lot easier than from Saratoga. I think the bus and train prices would then be about the same.


There is actually an extremely quick and cheap bus now between the Albany and Saratoga bus stations and I need to go to Albany to make a transfer to go just about anywhere anyways.