He was wearing a camera and uploaded it!!!

Holy Shit!!!

Warning Graphic (Not working)

UPDATE: As of 3:00am this link is still working…Download is also possible from this link.!r2oHjKpC!IHOS1YFi2EeQJLJaRBBvUZEbh7Fln4FljCRrOhdkgkg (Not working)

:loudspeaker: 'Critical incident': Shots fired at New Zealand mosque!

WTH :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

That’s insane


No shit huh? Surely they are going to try to take that down!!!


where did you hear about it?


Friend blowing up my phone!!!


Live coverage:

Apparently He marked his ammo with victims of past Muslim attacks.




Fuck Me…the gunman had a shortcut to Trump’s Twitter page on his screen!!!

They are coming for the guns folks!!!


Well… Then… There’s the false flag they’ve been waiting for… Although it’s more of a red flag… :expressionless:


You can bet tomorrow the shit eating Syndicate minions will be all over this trying to fast-track taking our guns. They can try to take mine…I’ll give them the ammo first…:wink:


The left will be drooling to tie him to Trump supporters somehow, or at least the “alt-right”


You know I can’t help but be frustrated… If the world’s gonna fall apart I really wish it would just do it faster, because this slow decaying erosion of society, rights, AND freedoms is MADDENING!!


He had a manifesto…HERE WE GO!!!


this guy is covering it live.


Pizzagate connection?

There are several HELL PIZZA pizzeria outlets in Christchurch New Zealand within a mile of each other. The HELL PIZZA website is very dark and in general creppy, there is a link called SATAN - it leads to the page called “Satans Little Helpers’” small helpers of Satan ", which aims to recruit people under 18 who have suffered misery )- a site to recruit under 18 children who have been through “hardship”


False flag for sure… this is how desperate the sh*t eaters are @Leviticus


Here is the full 16 minute video…Warning Graphic!!!


Kinda reminds me of what @FreedomFighter414 has been saying…

In that guys manifesto, he’s upset about the declining birthrate of white people and all the illegal immigration…


The body cam is for the optics I’d imagine.
That’s why I’d say it’s a false flag.


Reminds me of the Norwegian mass shooter, Anders Breviek. Also cited his motivation as calling attention to the invaders.


All I know is that what he did is only gonna make it worse for gun owners… Kinda like our discussion the other night… Can’t do crazy s*** like that because “they” will just shut it down…