This was a planned false flag with casualties…100 percent certain!!!


Whats False? Did people Die? I think you mean to say it can be EXPLOITED.? False Flag imply it has been STAGED, as in a Movie, Rather then a REAL sick Fuck who just Killed a bunch of people because he is RACISTS and because he is just a Fucking COWARD, as it also has nothing to do with RELIGION!

“Let not any Tragedy or Bad thing go to WASTE”


Wait… So he live streamed it on Facebook … I wonder if everyone of his “friends” on there will be questioned??..:thinking:


Yea @Bingozee that’s why I said false flag turned into a red flag… Staged w/casualties


The false flag part is under false pretenses. In other words, the shooter is most likely MK Ultra victim. They have these guys warehoused ready to rollout at a moments notice!!!


Well, either way, we know false flags will inevitably happen. The purpose of which is to motivate revenge killings, perhaps like this one. So if it wasn’t, it was definitely motivated by previous false flags.


Exactly @Leviticus


I can agree to that, or He could be a Patriot… what makes you think there is a difference?


They are having a press briefing in New Zealand shortly…JUST IN TIME FOR THEIR 5:00 PM NEWS!!!


Possible. Definitely would follow the same playbook. But eventually, enough MK patsies and FFs will lead to legit lone wolves. It certainly seems to me that time is near, if not here already.


Consider all military men are subjected to Mk ultra programs and programming hence the necessity of the “Proper” psychopathic tendency, that can be manipulated to manifest as an actuality, action and doing…

To murder on demand and blow of a whistle…

PS: just say’n, I am not arguing…


4 suspects in custody!!!


Here’s another link to the manifesto:


I dont think there is any thing False about it, but I would not Doubt it will be Exploited in every possible way… Yes I would even surmise it will be a new inspiration for the push to Gun confiscation that is coming inevitably and unavoidably… And DEFINITELY going to begin happening at scale all over the place simultaneously with in the NEXT months…

Wall or not, the Gun owning Citizen will be Disarmed, Imprisonment or Dead by the end of 2021, Unquestionably, undoubtedly.

One other thing… PEOPLE on the LIST will be Deported and Displaced to NEW places as Prisoners, and deemed as Threats on to the General populous and Society (Establishment)… Thus the Patriot, Soldier or people KNOWN to have the “Proper” mentality and Psychopathic Tenancy. On that NOTE, consider Shows like INFOWARS has produced more names on the LIST then ANY!

Again just say’n…


I see that he claims he was inspired by Candace Owens. Last I knew Candace never supported violence…



This is the link to the raw video that contains the 4 minute clip you just posted. It is a total of 16 minutes that shows the whole shooting!!!


my bad, good lookin’ out


Several explosive devices defused in vehicles after New Zealand mosque shootings – police


I was just reposting so people could download it. They are trying to take it down…:+1: