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I just watched the Video… KEY things I noticed…

  1. He was not talking to the CAM but some one else. “Well we dont get to Burn today boy’z”
  2. It was Meticulously planned according to the “MUSIC” / Timing.
  3. he did not complete the plan as planned.

Some of his statements that are CONFUSING… HE thought he was in a “Fire Fight!”, Could be indication he was on Drugs or even suffering hallucinations do to Tamra and overwhelming Stress, this may also be why he was Frantic, Fumbling, Rushing his Weapon and dropping things…

I am Enhancing the Video to See and Hear things more Closely… I will provide what ever analyses I can. (BUT not the enhanced Video), It’s Illegal to Release or Publish, without the Consent of all Identifiable individuals or of there Family’s, Including “License plates”.

The Music…
Track One = The British Grenadiers fife and drum Cultural / Inspirational. Before exiting the vehicle…
Track Two = Unknown, He changes Weapons, and Go’s for Gas.
Track Three = Arthur Brown - Fire The mosque should be set on fire, Upon Returning to the Vehicle…
Track Four = Manuel - Gas Gas Gas A driving Song Meant for High Speed Driving, Fast Paced…

These things also INDICATE it was a TIMED event… And the MUSIC was PLAYED loud so he could still Hear it from inside. The Four Step…

@Alex Jones. Please Read

Wow @Bingozee … Hey that “Fire fight” comment could be in reference to boondock saints movie!!


That movie was all about religious vigilantes!!


This was their Creed in the movie Boondock Saints:


Fire Fight imply’s that some one is shooting back, however in this CASE no one else was Armed, this is not to say he hasn’t Gained inspiration from Movies along with other Resources… I am only pointing out what is Most obvious… Once the Video and Audio are Enhanced, We are able to get a Sense of his Mind, Emotions and State, however by the Raw video this is hard to hear clearly… There are also moments that we can see his Face in the Mirror after the Act… This can also prove Revealing once enhanced…

I am curious so I will most likely investigate further…


Here is the un edited live stream of the shooting — warning — very graphic. This guy is obviously sick.


Yes, It has been Posted some time ago… Thanks… (UP :point_up:)


@caldude thank you… The more people that can hang on to this, the better… That way when they try to lie and spin it, we have the original for documentation!!


Well that one caldude posted has been scrubbed!


But the one @Leviticus posted still works for now… although it wouldn’t let me download :expressionless:


Wow, how Fast YouTube is to Black the UPLOAD of that Video… Interesting Concerning LIVE and AT run-time Will become unnoticeable… Just think, We will be Watching a LIVE stream that is Infiltrated and Propagated by AI and the Generated Image, Voice and Video, As that is the Goal…

To Manipulate in Real time, and to propagate things as if a LIVE feed and Actually.


I have made multiple copies and put it in every nook and cranny I could think of!!!