No One Here Gets Out Alive

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I almost never reply to myself…anyone else see the irony???


Totally man. That is a great song with a lot of depth and truth to it.

Its amazing how all those people who claimed to be anti-establishment… became the establishment.

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Who would have ever imagined we would find shitposting shitbags on a Infowars resource like INFOCOMMS???

Quick everyone…LOOK SURPRISED!!!

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I thought I would add to that… your correct, NONE get out alive, BUT there is the following, however, before reading it, consider What we do now Makes a difference then, and not only in our Actions, but throughout the whole of of living life. We should consider it more of a Second chance, but that is really a never ending story unless under cretin circumstance.

The idea is simple, We are to Pass with the PUREST DNA and Genetic Memory, as its these things that are inherited by offspring and all other living again and eventually.

We can see Forgiveness as something Purely and Truly intended for ourselves by the Truth of our Own honestly, its indeed something we are MEANT to be selfish about, for we can NOT forgive UNLESS forgiven, Much the same as Love, Food and Shelter, These are INTENDED for us, Individually, independently before all other things, Even before a “God” or “King”, for without we have nothing, what can be offered, This is HUMANS Dignity.

“I Know Not a God That Would Ask or Expect I Bow, Rather The Gods That Know Me Demand I Stand."

It is unfortunate many will be left waiting and wanting for the lake of this understanding, no matter how long on their knees or how hard they pray.

I would suggest reading the whole page as it will provide a grater overall understating of what is written here.

Expand :arrow_down_small: for more.

I would also suggest for consideration the following, that I am still currently updating and will be adding more to shortly.

We Must Cut The Head Off Of The Serpent!

  • more information can be obtained by reviewing the “OTHER POSTS.”

Anyway, Don’t let shit get you down, Its not something doing it to us, its us doing it to ourselves. :slight_smile:

PS: the following is also related to what I am saying.

Your story, aspersions, goals, dreams, and criticisms