NZ Trump Supporter Arrested For "Hate Speech"


It has finally happened. Trump supporter arrested for “Hate Speech”.

Our bill of rights declares everyone has the freedom to speech, thought, and expression in New Zealand.

Our government wants to become like the UK


Arresting anybody for so-called hate speech is less than civilized.


And the article is saying that they stopped a potential murderer. Looking also a bit like post-9/11 USA.


Yup our terror threat level is still on High. My assumption it will never go back to normal. Our country is stuffed. Because of this they want to make Hate Speech laws in our country just like the UK. Anyone says anything wrong. Arrested like this man or Tommy Robinson


Yo! I’m really sad for that brother! :frowning:
I made a video that has been banned a few times by Youtube showing this event being a false flag:

Go ahead and share it to your buddies around NZ! The truth needs to be spread.

The Illuminati runs New Zealand sadly, and now they have squeezed even tighter. But, the truth will ALWAYS slip through their totalitarian fingers. This dude, like Assange, is a HERO to the cause of FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Millions of us in NZ, USA, and other Western nations need to stand up and thus, overwhelm their system. Unite to take down the New World Order!