One Possible Solution to Infocomms Drama


…if only a temporary one, would be to do away with the “General” / “Uncategorized” category, so that we’re left only with “business” categories (News, Activism, Site Feedback)–just make it so that people will only be able to post about productive things–and perhaps “beta test” bringing it back after a few months or what ever.

Update: I had included “Memetic Warfare” as a permissible category, but: 1) the site doesn’t have such a category, and 2) the memes on this site have (especially of late) been a basis for drama.

“This is why we can’t have nice things.”

If people can’t handle being given a “General” / “Uncategorized” category, then it should be taken away.

Yes, we’re back to kindergarten–what ever it takes to bring stuff back into order.


Thanks. Very helpful.

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What would stop people from posting general topics in the News category?


Is this dude trolling?


Are you just spamming, or what are you doing duck duck?? City Hall?


I heard hxtr was another Joey account, and now you are saying Griff? @FreedomFighter414


Well obviously I don’t know, well that is cool, I have not met anyone, who is brad?




:thinking: Seems kind of frivolous. The End Goal is?


For anyone coming to infocomms, its a distraction and discouraging to see this topic on every post. And quite frankly after a few times engaging it, as a regular user you get to a point where its a waste of time. Better to focus on what can produce results. If they have some legal issue then handle it legally instead of complaining about it here and getting nowhere





@thisismemewarroger So is the Aim to have Owen omit to these Accusations Live, in a Video or Statements of some sort?

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I have a hard time wrapping my head around any of this, More the response by people and Meme Spamming, I think things where getting Stupid… I hope this NEXT bit of “Whitelisting” will clear things up… Although even though that mattes not, I am and do care to comprehend the whole of this “Thing”.

I hate to judge, but thus fair its pretty hard not to… I mean come on, look at how people have been acting while at the same time claiming to Stand for INFOCOMMS, Are you? or is the IDEA to Destroy INFOCOMMS, Or am I completely lost here… I will admit I might be, but definitely trying…

Basically I got ya, but what Dose this Mean to ME, the Other members and INFOCOMMS exactly?

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@thisismemewarroger, are you sure a robot did not do that?


@thisismemewarroger, maybe they don’t know how to implement a better system for Infocomms and are possibly ashamed and too afraid or something to ask for help. They should do what Steemit does.

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Just pulled 2 guys from truck vs Tree, needless to say, the Tree won. 3 peeps in total, last dude had to be cut out. Reason, DRUNK DRIVING.


Just an reminder how fast our life can change and how fast our actions can change others, we should respect these facts as responsibility.

Night peeps, please be safe and aware, not entertained…


Nope, no one dead, just some broken bones and faces… last guy was trapped, I couldn’t open his door, he suffered a broken shoulder and collarbone. The other two leg and hand injuries, with some face injuries also, but all in all they are okay, myself and my neighbour arrived only moments after the collision.

The driver was telling me how he felt he should be dead, and how now he wishes he is, I told him to think of it this way, no one is hurt, he should feel lucky even if guilty of such a mistake.

I could see the more he realized what happened he regretted deeply. I think he meant it, I hope so…


Ditto…it makes me appreciate my life and the life of others more…

Lol, grossest thing I have ever witnessed is a severed hand land just before my feet, to say the least, it fucking creeped me out, even after seeing much worse. It just reminded me of that, also a car accident… was the hand of an 80 year old, whom passed that day…

Anyway, just think rationally, logically before doing anything.


It sounds like you are a paramedic.


Thank you. But let’s forward that to the few fellows who are going to be waking to a whole new life tomorrow, I believe they are in greater need along with their family…

Truly appreciate.