🚨 Operation Derailment Initiated


Live stream link:


Sit on it triggered Thom.

@OwenShroyer @zimmermann

Live now!

New live stream



Infowarriors call in special. :laughing:


Its done. Had problems with the stream


What is the timestamp for the derailment?


Initiated 10 am Mt time, finished at 12 pm Mt time.


I mean, where can I find your call-in to the show?


I put the live stream on my Youtube but it kept crashing, so I’m rerecording it


Will be waiting. LOL I’ve love to see his show get crashed.


The video is gone…it says it was removed by the user.


I did watch this one though…Good job Griff!!!


What is β€œhate”?

β€œHate” is turning >99% of society on its head, putting women and children in danger, for <1% of the population with a psychological disorder (gender dysphoria).


I got the other video. No lag no crap. Will upload tonight. Youtube just killed our stream to mind bender


That video that Stove Pipe shared of yours was on the money. We definitely gotta link up and do a video sometime :100:


That was waaaay to fast. Someone had to flagged it for review from youtube nazis?

Maybe you could just record and send to brighteon later.


Exactly. @DistractedMasses and I called each other after it went down. It was no coincidence. Plus the algorithm picked up certain words.


I was so congested at that point. I was miserable.


You did a good job, I emailed it to a friend of mine too, we’ve been on that topic for a few weeks, since the drag kids videos surfaced. One of my main peeves is UNESCO and Common Core…inc. the universities, or Academia in general. Also, let us not forget the tranny reading hours in our publicly funded libraries. This crap really ticks me off Griff.


I was trying to make something funny.


Already recorded. Just have to upload it