🚨 Operation Derailment Initiated


And I’m going to make a compilation of it send it to Alex jones


Yes!!! Do it Griff, that would be awesome!!! He’ll probably use it too, also Post it here.


Updated stream


Griff, you are badass! I have been a little out of pocket lately, glad to see that the show goes on! Hey, I had a killer call on Hal Turner tonight, from about the 15 minute mark on. He brings up in the first segment that Robert DeNiro has been implicated in a kiddie sex ring :fearful:! Where it goes from there is anybody’s guess…let’s just say that I know some of these weirdos myself.
@OwenShroyer, I have lost count of how many shirts you owe me!
Any chance you can grab that audio and do your magic, Joe?




Uhhhh… it says i have to subscribe to his show



There is a “listen live” option from the corner menu on the home page. It may loop…


downloading it…


i literally have to sign in to Microsoft store


none of my equipment is letting me


You’ve read legitimate news articles about rapes in bathrooms where the Rapist had a history of being Trans?


yes… 20 characters


I could only find one & it was spun to have something to do with the “Bathroom Bills”. When in reality Miguel knew the victim & the bathroom was in the victim’s house. I Hate to link Snopes again. But when they’re right, they’re right.


Also, what time in the video do we jump to to hear the triggering.


What is the timestamp for the derailment?


still working on it, my phone took a shit so i’m it will be slow until it comes in on monday


This video, what time do we skip to?


according to dopes transgenders are still capable of molesting children. but this is why i don’t
read dopes unless i want to laugh :point_down:t4:


i’ll go through it later, i’ve been extremely busy