🌀 Operation Derailment sign up


Now that I got my new phone in I want to know who is in. Please let me know so I can get the names together.


Whats the skinny on the plan.


Call bomb a talk show host. It’s literally a coordinated call in to one show from all of us.


Count me in. Sounds like fun!


What show? What’s the number? I have 4 different lines…I can flood a phone switch with two or three more callers…:laughing:


LOL im down

keep us updated


Were you thinking about Stern or something?


We’ll get to who in a group private message later I just need a head count. I want as many as possible.


I’m in man if it’s on a day I’m able too




Works for me. I am pretty free these days for the most part.


I’m only off on Tuesdays from both my jobs…But if it’s on another day I will see what I can do


I can’t I still have a bad cough and I’m horse but if I’m feeling better tomorrow, Ill call in.


its ok, it’s going to take time in planning. i’m grabbing a ton of people and i have to coordinate so it will take time…


You could rename this thread to “Call Bomb Talk Radio Challenge.”

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there’s a difference between operation derailment and

operation derailment is a coordinated call in to derail the bullshit narritive into talking about censorship. ment to drive the liberal host inasne and make a great video go viral. i want to break the censorship. just calling into different shows all at once will not grab attention however, if we can call lets say howard stern because of his platform is so big then it will grab attention. call bombing or call flooding is a program ment to crash call centers, pointless and won’t get through the gatekeepers on a radio show. plus is illegal since that is a tdos attack.


what about patriot radio…that is a demographic we need to convert


I’m still horse, but I might mess it up with a group message, don’t even know how to do
that. I can msg you my phone number?.


Great show on halturnerradioshow.com right now.


Its doing the same thing