Operation Save The Children


So an idea that keeps floating around in my mind is that since the enemy loves to attack the children maybe we try to save them using the enemies own tactics. Suppose we start organizing patriot book readings for the youngster. It’s not an instant gratification thing like hanging signs and stuff but it may lead some kids down the right path in the future. Get the kids together read them patriotic themed works, play patriotic games and it’s also a good time to talk to the parents about the issues we all care about. It will take some planning for these type of events but it will counter some of the nonsense of the insane left like the drag queen reading day etc. I’d rather have our 2 year olds learning about Thomas Jefferson than what they can do with their private parts


There is a LOT of very interesting European history that leads up to the American Revolution. I’m about to start compiling several documents including the Magna Charta, right up to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and print them in one book. If you need any help with collecting educational materiels please send me a PM. I’d love to work on something long-term like this.


Good deal. …:+1:


That is exactly what people should and more. I know my pushing history onto the awakened youth can be boring and at times aggravating, however I see the time is right for it. I ask everybody on this site to go to your local library with a reference section (before it is too late) and spend an afternoon in Volume 1 of The Papers of George Mason by Robert A Rutland. It should be in a red fabric covered book of a 3 volume set. Please read that period from about 1774 through to the end of the volume! In that you will discover that their “justification” for breaking free of tyranny (which was less than what we have now) led them to a peaceful path of declaration and replacement of out -of-control government(s). The Fairfax Resolves is where things really started to cook. Then the Declaration of Rights was the people’s declaration to remove or replace any government. It is a must read! This story just hit the airwaves in the DC area this morning! Had they had a group of Freeholders and Freemen (or call it Free People for today’s world) then they could have gaveled a set of resolves to demand they reverse their decision and if it wasn’t done, then they could call for anything from an emergency election to replace the School Board or even a Tax Strike! You good people have the heart and the mind for it now. I have never seen in person until now but I have read about it! Let us not turn to the yellow jacket solution. Remember, he who fires first, loses. Let us not fear to do the right things and one of those right things is the protection of the children and our future. Sorry for the length this morning! Here is the link to the story:


Id say the best bet is to do a reading infront of kids live and make it into a youtubeuntill u get banned/video web serries so you can reach the most people. Or dont even do the reading infront of kids. Make a website out of it and spread the word on homeschooling, gun, truck, and other usa freindly forums


I like this one. There is a book series that would be ideal! Look up the Tuttle Twins. Their parents had seen that there was a lack of freedom based books for children. So they filled the void with a whole series.


I just bought Tuttle Twins for all my neices, nephews, & cousin’s kids for Christmas.


Nice! This is perfect. The material has to be simplified for the consumption of the target audience. Also, who ever is going to be the reader has to practice making it as exciting and memorable as possible. For the parents maybe have a couple key infowars articles printed off in duplicate ready to go :+1:


All good. Let the info and ideas fly :+1: :us:


To your point, the small group of Free Virginians that were left after the TP’s fell away, put together some resolves for the foundation of our group of Middle Virginians. One of them was the group create its own library. Each member can acquire books relevant to learning and history. Books such as The Papers of George Mason are NOT available online! I was able to purchase volumes that were being purged from Middle School, High School and yes, College Libraries. I don’t know what was more shocking. The fact that they were being purged or that the check out cards in some of them had never been checked out or checked out once. Those volumes were printed in 1970!
I was introduced to the world of Home Schooling back during the TP movement. One of them most aware and educated young people I had to the please of meeting was a home schooled himself. He said the foundation of his learning came from the McGuffy readers.
I would suggest that you get hold of that set to add to your list as well. Build your library to share with others. And yes, that is why I am so verbose and I apologize for that. But history has the effect on you.
Here is the link on a set on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-7-McGuffeys-Eclectic-HC-Readers-Primer-Sixth-Revised-Editions-1909-21/192740224789?hash=item2ce0366f15:g:YqAAAOSwOVlb8H~m:rk:2:pf:0

There are more modern readers but be careful of their content! Police the information!
Thank you for your time!


That’s the spirit! 100% I wish I could speak with such brevity!


Unfortunately, there are no real film productions covering the largess of what led up to July 4,1776. You can bet Hollywood did that on purpose. The only reason the movie musical “1776” was made because Jack Warner saw the play on Broadway and thought it would make a great film.

It did make for a stirring film, though the musical portions don’t translate well into our time. They barely did back in the 70’s when I first saw it. Most of the quotations are accurate but their timeline is not. It was just another lost opportunity to educate people on what our nation was about. However, at that time, we were all being beaten about the head and shoulders in the first round of this SJW fight. I am surprised it was made at all.

That being said, I recommend it for anybody who hasn’t seen it. It’s worth the $10 on DVD. The quotes are so relevant to today and if you pick up on everything that is said and compare it to what is going on now, your hair will standing up on your neck and you will want to cry at the end. It’s the only video on the subject except for “The Patriot” with Jack Lord in the 30 min. Colonial Williamsburg introduction film.

1776 was so big and covered an entire nation that should be dozens of films made about it.


Save Them
From this too:




I have one more item to add at the juncture on educating the children and this what they refer to as “Vocational”. The school systems across the nation have been slowly doing away with that kind of education. It is almost gone in most systems. Every High school used to have Shop, Auto Repair, Electronics, Home Economics, etc. Now the students have to apply to be taken to one of the schools in their district that still has those facilities.

They were not just for a career (which is what they ended being pigeon holed into in the future) but they were there to teach us how to be self sufficient! Notice, we are not allowed to be self-sufficient by way of cutting off that knowledge!

Teach them the science of self-sufficiency!






Speaking of protecting the kids what do yall think about stoping forced circumsision of people under 18 including babies? I find it hypocritical that we are always calling out islam (as we should) for FGM, while 70% of boys here in the USA are being mutilated.
BTW I need to say this because people seem to always jump to this conculsion, this is not an anti jewish thing, i am not anti jewish. I am anti mutilation, whomever may be doing it.


There have to be a few groups online that are working against it. The first step would be to find them and post them. Circumcision started as a Jewish thing, but was normalized in the U.S. by the Women’s Christian Temperance Movement; The same people who pushed prohibition into law.


The brutal act of male genital mutilation goes back way further than the Jews at least the modern day “version” the Egyptians have it depicted in their hieroglyphics. And random fucked up non Islamic non christian non Jewish tribes in Africa do it too. Who came up with it first? Who knows. But it wasn’t the Jews. The point is this brutal act didn’t start out as some misguided religious thing that got out of hand. It started as what it was. A brutal, unjustifiable act of mutilation against children/adolescence as a move of power over their sexuality, robing them of ever having full sexual function. That is why the Egyptians did it to their priest. That was the ORIGINAL reason it became common place here in America. And my guess is that that is the real reason it got started in Judaism/Islam and they changed the story latter. Either way FUCK MGM and fuck all these BRAIN WASHED people doing it. The parents and the jews are one thing. BUT the DOCTORS should fucking know better and I BET they DO but they do it anyways for the money and human tissue and some of them probably get off on it. Either way most of the doctors in this country NEED TO BE PROSECUTED to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW for not only that, but a long list of other things.