Operation take out the trash


Alex mentioned a week ago that he is sending private investigators and bounty hunters after the people who run drag kid events. I don’t care if consenting adults do what they want but pushing this agenda on kids is wrong! People in the Florida infowars group have noticed that there are several drag kid events not just in Austin but all over towns in Florida and several other states and countries. Operation take out the trash is about finding out as much infomation you can about local drag kid events near you. Once you do this hire private investigators, hire bounty hunters and get law enforcement involved. Do not go and disrupt these events. Even though these people are monsters and deserve it, the media is desperate for a straw man to paint patriots with. Don’t give the media what they want. However we need to expose and jail the people running these events because if we don’t stand up for these kids nobody else will.

Drag queen story time is coming to Woodstock Ontario Canada

I will keep an ear to the ground. Im in the Sarasota/Bradenton area and have children in public schools. Thanks for the heads up and stay vigilant!!!

These people are sick…



Free tickets available…These people are sick…


Good deal. We also have a bunch of other stuff planned so stay tuned for that



  1. Yes, this is a chronic abuse of free speech.
    1.a. It should be stopped. I know no one here would put their kids through this.
  2. Be careful, patriots, do not be distracted, keep on your task of preserving our great nation.


The globalists are seeing what the public will put up with. Drag queens are sexualizing kids. Our guns are being taken with red flag laws. Our speech is being taken with internet censorship. We’re being fried with 5G. Babies are being killed after they’re born. The list goes on. If we keep putting up with all of this and nobody takes action, its over for everyone.


I wonder if some of those drag Queens are CIA, to mess things up. I just can’t believe that this is going on on are schools, I know they are but it could still be CIA operatives.


Maybe some those FBI Pussies that arrested Roger Stone are working as drag queens on the side, reading stories to kids.

  1. Agree here, it takes training to do this, just like acting.
  2. Who is best at fooling people in the short term but deep state.
  3. Too bad for them, we figure it out eventually.
  4. Follow these perps home and you likely will find a mess of
    financial prop-ups that lead to deep state, or overseas globalists
    or drug cartels, or (insert your own theory here).


There isn’t a doubt in my mind that this is globalist programing. The globalists are obsessed with pedophillia and the trans gender demon baphomet. I suggest everyone buys this book by pastor Rodney Howard Browne to understand how the globalists think and what their entire blueprint is. https://www.infowarsstore.com/the-killing-of-uncle-sam.html


Yep, I will read it when it gets here.


Alex said the cross dresser transsexual childrens story time was organized by NAMBLA.


NAMBLA stands for the North American Man/Boy Love Association . Its agenda is to repeal laws prohibiting adult men from having sex with boys under the age of consent, and to repeal laws regarding age of consent in general. The organization therefore promotes and in some cases practices pedophilia. An investigator reported that NAMBLA had around 1100 members in 1995, but it has been estimated that its membership has dwindled to a handful who run its website as the internet has provided pedophiles with venues perceived to bear less legal risk than a NAMBLA membership.[1]


Tavistok institute& worse. If kids freak at Disney resorts to Mickey or Santa’s red suit, imagine drag queens? I’ve seen kids lose it over lucha masks, (usually ones with black mesh over eyes?), so what do babes know that we don’t?


Alex Jones talks about a multi dimensional universe and how the body can naturally produce dmt without actually taking it. When kids are young their minds haven’t been completely overun with the corruption of this world. Whether or not you believe in this is up to you but there’s overwhelming evidence of kids being psychic or they can atleast see things that most adults can’t see anymore. It’s why they have imaginary friends. My sister teaches dance classes and she says that a lot of the times kids will predict things before they happen. The globalists know this but the believe like vampires if they can drink the blood of the youth they can take their souls and be immortal which has been proven to work to an extent. Adults can be psychic be sensing people’s energy [Doesn’t mean that they have powers or that they’re Gods, they we’re just blessed with a gift] My mom for example had a really bad feeling about her best friends future husband. Nobody believed my mom until years later he almost choked my mom’s friend to death and he raped both of their biological kids.


I’m hoping that husband referenced found a large friend in prison?


No he was never convicted because his wife was to afraid of him. He smooth talked his way out of the court cases and the dfc people. We all know he did it. His kids said so and his wife would call my mom crying several times. Before we knew how bad he was, one time my family was at their house for a party. I was 8 and I got in trouble for being on some game for to long. He came in and grabbed my arm. It freaked me out so I took a toy dragon and drove the tail end through the side of his nose. He calls his wife the c word in public and one time he pointed a gun at a family in a roadrage incident. He is also ex Finnish special forces. They’re divorced now but the bastard didn’t get caught and is hiding somewhere.


Haters gonna hate.

Jail is not a safe place for people that love the children of others.


Yeah its a shame that pedophiles don’t live long enough in prison to rote in prison.