Operation take out the trash


Maybe if his special forces friends found out, they’d “Finnish” him? Black ops.aren’t fond of pederasts either, for the most part


No one is fond of them. Some try to defend them. People who are paid for operations work for who ever pays them and not us.


One way or another his actions will destroy him. On the bright side I heard yesterday on Alex’s show that the drag queen storytime reader in Houston was arrested.


Oh, they arrest them, they give them a free* ride to the private owned jail, they give them some free* food, do their dishes for free*, they shower for free*, they are released and out in 48 hours with charges dropped while the rest of us ROT in jail for months with out any trial and then they bring false charge up again over and over for harassment.

Free = on my taxes


I only heard it breifly on the show. I believe you but do you have any references for this?


ty Alex for linking to this post, I tried searching “drag queen” in the search function but didn’t see this post.


The drag queens in Houston have given up the game! They are cancelling all further events, and will not have the events at the gay church up the street, either. They were very demoralized by the open protests and hard looks by disapproving parents, and said so in their public statement. We have to strike above the belt AND below the belt.


I remember hearing about NAMBLA about fifteen years ago.


I still remember a nightmare I had when I was three. Worst and most real nightmare I ever had. In the late 1950 s I watched BOZO th clown. I dreamt I thought it was real. I was sitting at.my neighbors house and this half man and half woman ghost creature pushed its way our the living closet and roller skated around the house super fast it was sort of male but had curlers in its hair. I got this from watching Bozo the clown. I can’t imagine what kind of nightmares these little kids are having after having a drag queen reading stories to them. Note: (I don’t think bozo was drag, but that is somehow how my mind perceived it) I did not know anything about stuff like that. My dad was a cowboy rode in rodeos and my mom was a beauty queen.


It’s also driven by UNESCO. Just remember folks, as far as Activism, this is a Protected Group, don’t get entangled in any simple Arrest that can escalate to having a Hate Crime attached to it, Godspeed Warriors.


You mean like this? I can’t even imagine Neva…
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Yep. A lot like that. I still remember that nightmare as real. I don’t know how my mind conjured that up but it did just from watching Bozo the clown.




So I can imagine the nightmares these little kids will have after having one of them reading a story to them.


I don’t know who’s worse the pedophile drag queens or the parents that take their kids to these events.


I dont even understand the drag queen angle.

If i put myself in the lunatic mindset of a leftist mom; i could justify if it was trans story time…i.e. trans awareness.

But this isnt event “trans” which is bad enough…its simply drag queens.

Isnt dressing in drag an adult sexual thing? How do these parents justify this…why do children need to learn about grown men dressing in drag?


We just had one here in Greenville, SC on February 17th. I was shocked, only bc I’ve lived in NYC, then Portland, OR… and we fled to the safety of SC. It happened so fast… I would’ve given it like 5 years for SC to “catch up” with the rest of the lunacy. I protested the event… but there was not as many of us as i would’ve liked to see, it was pretty pathetic. How do I post a pic from Instagram?


Thats crazy. If the pictures are saved to your phone you can hit the bottom right landscape picture icon next to the trash can delete button on your screen to post pictures.



I know who is worse but I bet 500 patriot points that most of the “parents” are either foster frauds or parental child abductors who take their kid there with out the consent of the other* biological parent.

Remember, “God the father” gave Joseph permission to help raise his child.