Operation take out the trash


I agree I can’t imagine blood parents taking their kids to those shows or stories. That’s why I got kicked off Twitt er. I put a pic from the Lafeyettte, LA Library and warned the parents to watch their kids.


Yes, only the pedophiles are the gate keepers of what parents and family are allowed to know about as child abuse.


Yeah I wouldn’t doubt if those kids were adopted. I’m not getting into great detail about this but someone in my family was adopted and sexually abused. Its funny you mention the god father too because the people that adopted this family member are Irish and Italians from the New York, New Jersey area and it wouldn’t suprise me if theres shady mafia stuff they’re involved with. I don’t talk or associate with anyone from that side of the family.


Free association is what people want.


Most of the bad stuff that happened with that side of the family happened before I was born so I haven’t even met the majority of those people.


The experts suggest a note that just says, “hi.”


Why I don’t have anything to hide. I’m not talking about it because its a sad story. The abuser went to prison over 40 years ago. I don’t have any proof that, that side of the family is envolved in organized crime, it wouldn’t suprise me. But if I did have proof I’d turn them all in, in a heart beat. But I don’t know most of them and I could care less about them.


I don’t know. The good thing it is up to you. Maybe it is more about helping them.


Been there done that. When I was a kid my drug addicted grandma lived with us for five years when nobody else would take her not even retirement homes. She was verbally abusive and she financially screwed us over several times. She died she told my mom she was dead to her. We’ve given my grandmas side of the family 100 chances and they’ve given us grief in return. When I say I don’t care about them I mean it. Anyways thats not what this thread is about, its about exposing every single one of those drag queen pedos and its working.


Another one…


Anyone have any ideas on how to really stop this crap from continuing on? Like the information is bombshell but these people don’t care and will continue on, even if they do find out so many of them are documented pedos. It’s cool they stopped in Houston, but one of the past organizers even said someone else is likely to start another one up in the future. I just feel like there should be something we’re able to do when it comes to them being in the public libraries Thinking, thinking, thinking


Sean Rose,

The devil is using a most effective way to corrupt little children: The “Drag Queen Story Hour!”

This nationwide movement invites men dressed in women’s clothes and over-the-top make-up, to read to children in public libraries. This is a focused and deliberate way to introduce gender ideology into mainstream American life. They are using children 3-6 years old to push their agenda, and the taxpayer’s expense!

This is unacceptable… And we are not going to let this atrocity take place without opposition!

Some captains have already taken up this fight - click here for your free Rally Captain Newsletter! It is filled with stories of front-line encounters in the “Drag Hour” battle.

The children deserve to have someone fight for their God-given gift of innocence.

I hope you will join the fight to protect and preserve our greatest wealth – our children – from those who seek to pervert them practically from birth! And you can do so by reading the proactive and inspiring articles here.

You, too, can be proactive: Place a quick call to your local libraries to inquire if they’re offering a Drag Queen event. And then let me know by calling toll-free, (844) 830-3570 or emailing[email protected]. I would love to hear from you!
I remain your friend,
In Jesus and Mary,

Robert Ritchie
Director, America Needs Fatima


The solution is to find out where their events are and to get law enforcement envolved. Also hire private investigators and bounty hunters to go after these people.


Well I like that direction and understand the private investigators but I’m wondering what bounty hunters would do with it unless they were at large for some crime? I never heard that section of the show so I don’t know what direction he plans to go with them