Opinions: Is it Racist?


Ok I’m not sure if this will get any traction, but excuse me for a second to provide some context.

I was recently scolded publicly for the use of the word “Oriental”, when describing a type of food, Vaguely I might add, and with no negative connotation whatsoever. I was wondering if this happens to any other Infowarriors. I recently watched an Aziz Ansari comic bit where a crotchety old woman is considered racist for referring to Asian people as “Oriental”. Which I would agree probably wouldnt be a good look. But seriously the viture signaling involved for someone to berate another human over the albeit casual use of a risky(?) term.

I think it is an intrusion into someone free thought in the form of casual speech, and then questioning their morality. It’s too much. Maybe I’m wrong, just my thoughts.

Am I supposed to believe this is racist?

Time to Boycott Ramen Y’all. This ones gonna be tough. But I believe in you. Stay strong.



I’m offended!

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09:56 PM - Scarlett Johansson Speaks Out Against PC Hollywood - She says she has the right to portray any person, gender, alien, animal, or whatever that she wants as an actor playing characters, because that’s my job as an actor, to play characters who are not me.

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Welcome to the club. Everyone is offended, and nobody really cares.


Solamente fue un chiste.

-El Chistoso

“It’s just a joke! It’s just a joke!”

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At least shes pointing out what is an obvious fact at this point. PC culture is a direct affront to Free Speech!


Yup that’s why I responded with a joke. I Keed, I Keed !


This whole thread is a goof honestly

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I thought the thread was a goof, but that last goof went right past me.


Only academia conditioned self-loathing whites are offended by the term “Oriental”. They think it offends Asians as it is an Eurocentric term therefore in our current political climate, it must be racist and it along with all western institutions be torn asunder. Damned be the usage for the past 2000 years to describe lands to the east of the Roman Empire, as oriens (east).

Asian’s don’t GAF.

Just tell the jackass to properly toss off.



My Triumph the insult comic dog pic wouldnt pop up.
Fugg it.

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Say you wanna go rug shopping…

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Buncha racists the lot of 'em. Alright folks were gonna have to Boycott the rugs too. It’s a shame, they really tied the room together.

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When it comes to kowtowing to self righteous, sanctimonious, assholes… The Dude Does Not Abide.


You racist! Everything is racist! If you are white, every fiber of your body, everything you do, everything you say, is RACIIIIIIIIIST!!!

Orange man bad. :stuck_out_tongue: