Orwellian gun bill


spread the info - this is absolutely ridiculous !! The left is so determined to get control over U.S. - and they’re planning on removing Trump in March - I hope people are busy fighting for our Nation and our President !



What social media accounts?


You can be sure this one is on the no fly no buy list. I like it here.


Imagine a future where a social media account is a government issued apparatus and you are required by law to maintain it.


Sounds like communist China’s social credit score! The coming tyranny will love it!



New York State has already proposed it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has already passed. In fact, Congress considered yesterday HR 1065, which would use social media as a means for determining if someone gets a security clearance. It’s not limited to just the 2nd amendment.


Also look into Gun bill HR8

This will probably pass house and maybe even senate this week.


Phew, my house rep’s not a co-sponsor. There’s hope.

It’s still in committee, and house one’s still busy whining about the former acting AG, while I’m not so sure the corresponding S42 will make it out of the Senate committee.


This looks like part of the social scoring system. Besides that what does social media have to do with purchasing a gun.?
How are they going to determine who gets a gun.? If the curse, if they say they are mad about something.? Etc.


@Market I agree that that’s probably the MAIN goal of these bills to be honest.

I’ve had many different accounts/alternate accounts on social medias, they would have to legislate something to remove anonymity or like you said it be a form of ID - which on a system like that they would probably remove the ability to delete info you gave it…

FB, etc, probably already has databases with deleted info…that’s why I reduced my social media usage to memes, no more personal info period lol (although the meme are probably what would piss off these control freaks the most)


Which bill are you talking about?


So basically if you have Conservative views online no guns for you. But if you lean left you’re issued tanks and bazookas :laughing:


HR 8. The corresponding Senate version I mentioned in the reply. :wink:


You said you’re not sure the corresponding S42 will make it out of Senate commitee.

What is S42?

I posted the HR8 bill. This is a federal bill for banning gun gifting and private sales.

Bill s9197 was for new york state. It is the social media gun one.

Then the Hr1065 is the federal social media bill you posted.

Im trying to understand this stuff so bare with me.


S-42 is the corresponding Senate version of HR-8. In order to speed along debate, you typically have two versions of the same bill (one in each house) sent to the respective committees and then voted upon, and later they are combined and given a final vote prior to being sent to the President.


That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.



I think were ALL trying to break everything down right now !! besides peeling the frickin onion !!! just like right now understanding Mueller investigation and State of Emergency address - this is how the leftist - globalist operate it is deliberate well thought out scheme to overload the system they’ve been doing it constantly for the last 10 - 15 yrs I don’t know about you but I’m a little burned out !!! Cant give up now !!! NEVER NEVER GIVE UP !!! :tired_face::tired_face: :weary: HEY GET THIS TRUMP - TRIUMP ~!! where is this going with the “I” ?? "I’ support TRUMP …. ? “I” love TRUMP ….? “I” back TRUMP …… so on and so forth I’m starting to lose it I think :crazy_face:


I am trying to absorb this concept …… of siding with the “other side” to what hide out and be a coward ??? We need to stand for what’s right and moral !! That’s the power of free speech either get off the internet or stick to your guns and tell it like it is !!! that’s just my take …

Your social standing, algorithmized

The recent ongoing Facebook saga involving potential user data abuse underlines once again the ways in which our online personas are curated, collected, monetized and sliced and diced in all sorts of ways. Increasingly they will be treated as next-generation credit scores, not only able to keep tabs on our financial respectability but also manner of other metrics by which we can be considered quality citizens.

Recently, I failed such a test. On Twitter, I try to follow a diverse range of thinkers, since it seems a good way to steer clear of the “filter bubble” effect. If there’s an issue that I feel strongly about, I like to follow “thought leaders” on the other side of the ideological divide so as to be exposed to their response to items in the news.


The military needs to take the traitors as well as the traitors writing these bills and arrest them. They are against the American people.