Owen addresses INFOWARS ARMY

***Poll--- Censorship On InfoComms***

Damn it Owen, if this place is in our hands allow the people who come here a chance to organize it.


It’s about time Owen calls this out. I, for one, am sick of always hearing about how everything that’s good isn’t good unless it’s a part of the Infowars brand.


Yeah he did mention infowars army and infocomms… But still he’s feeding his ego saying he started the movement…


For crying out loud… do you want to start something more “pure”?


I dunno, I heard a lot of “I…I…I” and double-speak:

“I don’t like censorship. I like being censored”
“I can do more for IWA. Go and do it yourself.”
“I don’t care for notoriety. Remember Infowars was first.”


Owen want’s you to organize your own projects. It’s what I have been saying from the start. This place isn’t just for taking orders from the Info Wars crew. @MAGA_TITAN isn’t our leader, @OwenShroyer isn’t our leader. WE lead with our hearts, minds, and souls.

This place was meant to be a communications hub where Infowarriors come to network, meet up, organize.

His reference to it being like our own reddit is key. We can come here and chat with like minded liberty loving patriots. Bounce ideas off of each other. Showcase our projects like homemade videos, poster ideas, flyer ideas, T-Shirt ideas, Music, and artwork for use in the Info War.

What it is not for is for people to come on here and bash each other saying they aren’t good enough, and cannibalize until people leave. Not everyone here has to march in the streets. I have no where to march. My closest city is Memphis, and Memphis is lost. Also I haven’t seen any rally’s posted here. There are literally thousands of ways to help in the Info War.


Or are you talking about moderators? You would like him to appoint moderators?


We need moderators and when it comes to starting our own projects, that’s kinda hard with shadow banning and mass censorship. People need help promoting their projects and no one helps anyone with that.

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You mean the typical ask of every single social media outlet since the dawn of time? Discourse tried to do it through flagging, and it got abused, so much to the point that moderators are suspending people for flagging. With that not available, they want mods to do something, but either they can only do so much, or the mods aren’t in their interest. So they ask to take it for themselves. That will get you censorship akin to Big Tech.

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Only partly true. Owen said that he is going to be communicating with @MAGA_TITAN to help him address issues that arise. Some may NOT want it this way but AT LEAST he is using Jason to help him with this.

Baby Steps guys…Baby Steps!

I’m good with this and will continue to do my own activism with my local infowarsarmy crew here in the Austin, Houston, San Antonio area.


What part isn’t true? Elaborate?



What are you showing me here? A fake Owen account or was Owen just on? We need more moderators than just Owen.


You said neither Owen or MAGA_Titian are the leaders. They are at least as far as the infocomms are concerned.

As I said, Baby steps…IF some can not accept this then they need to SERIOUSLY consider if they even belong here or have anything to do with Infowars!

Again…Baby steps. We DO need to do our own activism…We have KNOWN this from the get go. Owen is working on making things work better…Give him a chance to do what he’s trying to do.


Owen is a leader even if he doesn’t take the lead. Owen could shut all this down right now.


The InfoCOMMS mods. Owen just got added 23 hours ago to the other 3.

You can find them by clicking on Groups in the upper right corner.


How active are they? Other than Owen I’ve never seen any of those accounts have any interaction with people. We need some moderators that are very active and knows when to take action.


I’m addressing this fact which @OwenShroyer spoke of. He said not to just rely on him. He is busy. Come on man you have common sense. I know you want a leader here, but I have learned a long time ago that it is better to practice self reliance than to depend on others to do your thinking. I’m not saying anything about rebellion against @OwenShroyer or @MAGA_TITAN. If you want to call them your leader that’s fine. I watched the whole video twice, and he specifically said he will come here more often to address issues and try to help out but he has work to do as well like everyone else.


Again. I am NOT rejecting the fact that @OwenShroyer is considered the leader of the comms. I for one am glad that he has said that he will be stepping up. I was never upset that he wasn’t here everyday. It’s a luxury that I have a job where I can come here to see what’s up. I’m just disappointed that there are nothing bt pissing contests going on, or people who feel lost without direct leadership.