Owen Knows About The Leftist Shitposting Trolls on INFOCOMMS


Start it at 57:00…You fucking idiots aren’t worth me clipping it!!!

Email Sent To Owen Shroyer
Email Sent To Owen Shroyer
***Poll--- Censorship On InfoComms***

So far top fowl words of the day

Suck my cock all of you commie leftists on here.get the fuck out.


It is a good clip, I hear some important ideas.

  1. We must get out there, give some ideas, knowing that the trolls are around.
  2. We were given infocomms so why don’t we do more good ideas?
  3. Owen is right, I am not going to wait for someone else to lead, I will do whatever I can.
  4. Activism can mean donations, support by atttending court cases, and posting infowars on major social platforms.
  5. I think a blockade of K-Street, the lobbyist money street in Washington DC would be the Best Move Ever !
  6. At 1:09, I see Sean Hannity missing the point of the false flag on the drone shoot down, good point. Didn’t think I would agree with Geraldo in this case.

I will post the email I am sending to Owen here when I finish it…What he describes isn’t even the half of it!!!


Was Owen Shroyer talking about me? Am I a troll?

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I come to find like minded people,I post something then they disrupt the post…stinking leftest commie demons !:rage:


@Mr.Anderson is not trying to stop 5G in a better way. There are better ways to stop 5G by replacing it with better things and Anderson just wants to yell at people to force people to stop their addiction and then when I mention that it is an addiction, then some people might accuse me of spamming out logic as reason, logic, and Stefan Molyneux evidence is bad, very bad, very racist, according to Anderson, my take on psychology is very evil according to Anderson, that what I say does not make sense, that AA Meetings are retarded as they agree with me in how this works and that fiber optics and other things are very bad which means Alex Jones is retarded like he said on Joe Rogan as Alex promoted fiber optics and there are other options but Anderson hates Alex who said what I said and we both said the same things meaning that if what I said was spam, then therefore what Alex was spam as well because we both said the same things and Anderson doesn’t want to emphasize on 5G alternatives.

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I think @Mr.Anderson is a leftist troll as there are wireless alternatives to 5G and I’m not talking about fiber optics and we need to focus on that as people like Anderson gives us a bad name and people are distracted by Anderson and are being lied to and that destroys our future in a variety of ways and if we don’t continue promoting alternatives, then other people will not hear about it as the first thing they may see is Anderson and people like Anderson who says that there is no hope and no future and that we have to destroy all technology as it is all bad according to Anderson and people hate that and people choose to embrace 5G because they don’t want to give up 5G no matter how many books you throw at them.

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I talked about the alternatives. There are so many ways to make wireless Internet faster. I’m NOT talking about fiber optics. Wireless Internet speed can be increased by having multiple WIFI antennas inside your laptops, phones, tablets, devices, etc. That is one way. Another way that can be added to that is Bit Torrent protocols. People should look at that. Another factor is all about the kind of radio waves that you use, the frequencies. You can combine all of these things together. So, how many ideas, alternatives, are these, already, just from the top of my head? How many? Just from the top of my head? These are just some of the ideas for alternatives. There are more ideas out there. Other people are talking about it. You could share links here of those people and those things. Sadly, is anybody going to do that? Am I the only person smart enough to know how to find these things? Is that my skill, ability, talent, that nobody else has? Am I some kind of super hero that can find these things and I am the only person that can see these things? Are all the other people blind and unable to see what I’m talking about?


I thought Infocomm was supposed to be a platform to aid in activism. :+1:t4:


@Legion is right as stopping 5G has nothing to do with activism. Stopping geoengineering has nothing to do with activism.


Damn @joeyarnoldvn you are dumb!


Who you calling a commie? Where are they I want a piece of them 1st.

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@Mischief_With_Griff, I am trying to stop 5G, but I am the problem because I am trying too hard to stop 5G and many bad things. But I am the problem. I am the bad person. I am the Rothschild Lover because I try too hard. You are right. I am very bad. I need to stop trying to red-pill people. I need to stop talking about alternatives to 5G. I should stop promoting Project Veritas because Veritas is so bad. You are right.


LMAO Geez I hope hes not butt hurt over this Topic…


@Mischief_With_Griff, please say that to Owen Shroyer who might be doing what I’m doing in trying to raise awareness to potential problems, issues, trolls, people, things, situations. It is good to talk about it as it helps people see what we see. When you see a problem, you can talk about it. People might accuse you of accusing other people of certain things. However, we are going after the truth which trumps emotions, feelings. Beyond that, words are only words, are they not? Are we going to try to promote banning hate speech as false accusations can be hateful, emotionally, through subjectivity over objectivity? I’m trying to promote 5G alternatives and some people might want to just promote stopping 5G. But it is harder to stop 5G without encouraging people to do something else. If you cannot persuade people through their flaws, their selfishness, then they are more likely to turn you off and say how they have to embrace 5G no matter how bad it is because of how deep of an addiction technology is and that addiction is deep inside the hearts and minds of most humans, subliminally.

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The time to red pill anybody is over, it’s now the black pill, a much harsher wake up. Expect violence to happen, as this pill hurts and is not gentle like the red one was.
Keep voicing as long as you can, as for 5G it’s here, it is backed by Trump. There is no stopping it, best move to the country, or to these zones.
I remodel houses, and one of the newer building technologies coming on line is post beam hemp crete houses.
Hemp Crete walls can be up to 3’ foot thick, not only is it fire proof, it blocks almost every type electromagnetic radiation from entering the building structure.

And if you are poor like me, you can use Rock Wool insulation and double wall your house, this will effectively cut 85% of electromagnetic radiation from entering the home.
Then use a RF cloth, put up before the sheet rock, or You can just paint RF Grounded Paint to the Inside of your house. It’s not cheap, and requires a electrician to do the final hook ups to the power.

As for the WIFI router turn it off, stop polluting the interior of your house, use a hard line Cat 5 6 type of cable, use your mobile service to surf the web with your phone outside in the back yard.

When I remodeled my place I purposely made it a dumb house, it has thick copper wire, pex plumbing, and when my dosimeter was working it read very low for background radiation. I have 5 bars outside and 0-1 bars inside for my cell phone.

Stopping 5G isn’t going to happen, unless we can get Trump and the GOP to wake up to the dangers of this tech. Or they just see $$$ and don’t care for the sheep.
What you can do is to make the inside of your house,trailer,mobile home safer by doing a RF Dumb House Remodel.
Even if the 5G grid is powered up how long before our power goes out anyway?


I gotta say deflecting by saying 59:00 in “Dont come to me looking for answers.”:face_with_monocle: Boy DONT YOU WORK FOR INFOWARS? ARE YOU NOT THE FACE TO THE BRAND? Stop your winning you sound more like an InfoCuck! Take ownership, keep your chin in chest out and be proud to be an American. That clip made you look like nothing more than a Beta Boy…Ill keep watching David Knight and Alex Jones, but Owen is too wimpy and whinnes too much. SMH after all I do for the InfoWar you get this wuss to represent…

And for the record @joeyarnoldvn is not a troll nor am I or @Mr.Anderson we just know how to take shit and dish it out.


This Kid is probably gonn go ask Daddy (Alex Jones) to take me off here.


Look we found our Commie.

Owen is a young nice gentleman, well behaved and peaceful. He has not witnessed the blood or horrors of fighting in the streets. I have and I am not afraid to stand up to all that pose a threat to Info Wars their crew or their army members. Try me mofo, I will stand in your way, you will not silence me, you best run we have your number. You have been doxed best run…