Owen Shroyer Here


Welcome everyone to INFOCOMMS. So many of you have requested we create a forum for you to communicate with and even find fellow Infowarriors near you. We have done it. INFOCOMMS is here. God speed.


@OwenShroyer Thanks Brother. Wish we had this 10 years ago.


Long Beach, CA here. Not Many of us, but every BIRD Scooter I see gets an Infowars Sticker.

Cross Platform Promotion!!



Just got the email from infowars army while watching Roger Stone finish up the 4th hour. This is a kickass idea BTW. I’m in Houston & doing my part in the 3D world. Got in trouble by the secret service at the Houston rally for flying a Infowars T-shirt several times, didn’t get much recognition but it’s OK I’ll keep trying.


Hello from Connecticut! Thanks for creating this for us!!!


Sup @OwenShroyer ? Thanks for putting this together. Reporting for duty!


Toronto here, but too often Scottsdale :two_hearts:


YEAAAA MAN…These degenerate liberals can’t and will NEVER stop us.


Reporting in from Wyoming. God, Country, Family, thats what we have to protect, that is all that it is about!!


Yay!! This is great!! SC here!


Yessssss finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you so much for doing this Owen!


Eastern Washington Here (FEMA region 10)


Owen is live!
@OwenShroyer We have your back
RedDirt Okie Reporting


We’ve had planetinfowars forever… it’s the same thing


then again, it looks like that site has been removed


I just got the email regarding this site and had to sign-up immediately. This is a long time coming. I don’t do the Facebook / Twitter crap, because look where it gets you; banned. Love the fact that we can talk with like-minded Patriots who love this great country and don’t want to see it go down the crapper. I look forward to great conversations in the future. TY Infowars for all that you do!!


Broadway Joe from Pittsburgh reporting for duty. Thank you and Infowars for everything yinz do!!


Hey Infowarriors! Southeast New Hampshire member here. Looking forward to the incredible stuff that can be accomplished with Infocomms!

God bless you all.


hey owen, the main site still using the default wordpress icon for the site’s favicon
please fix this


I say Hooah!! We are all Alex Jones!!