Owen Shroyer Here


Owen-- I have to congratulate you on the excellent statement before the Austin city council! They were silent like they were in trouble. Perfect, my friend! Thats not right, thanks for standing up for the aborted children as well as the taxpayers. Have a good Christmas!


I agree! I actually go to my own City Council meetings and speak there when I feel very strongly about current issues in the city. I read the meeting agenda before I go and make sure that I do my research. I think that everyone here should start doing this!


InfoWars Army Comm is great Owen!


Perfect. But he needs decorum if he was to.


Columbia, Mo here. Roll call


Hi from Long Island,
I am just as pissed as you are we’re stuck with that Communist Cuomo again! :confused: Did you hear about the Brooklyn Rep putting a law up that we have to give them our internet password in order to purchase a gun? I think his name is Parker. For real.


Oolahgah OK. make America great


No did not hear, First what’s her name Alexandria Cortez?. A socialist; and now they want your internet password. What’s next? Your house key.


Would be cool if Owen could take some Q & A from
the comms at some point.


These people are demon possessed…They are driven (compelled) by evil to attack, stop & even destroy us: physically, financially and even spiritually (if they could). They are so deceived that they have no idea what or why they are doing these evil things…

They are convinced that they are on a mission to protect and preserve our way of live BUT they are REALLY being driven by the devil to turn our world into satan’s play ground foretold in many of the prophetic books of the Bible ie Revelation 13:6-18 especially.

It’s sad to see “They Live” played out right before our very eyes on our TVs, Internet and in the 3D World!


Q & A with it’s own category! Your a good thought provocateur! @zimmermann


San Diego, CA here (although I was born in Richmond Heights, MO) and am a lot more proud of my home state than I will EVER be of this Commiefornia! Thank you for this group, @allidoisowen.


Hey everyone, I’m in CA 39th Congressional district, feel free to contact me.


I live Akron, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Would like to discuss actions that can be taken to resist the globalist traitors who think Government at any level has authority over humans created in God’s image and filled with the Holy Spirit. Resist the Devil and he will flee from us.
“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 18:19


Uncalled for. I think your a troll


war room stickers or maybe GTBTP stickers


Great idea!!! I’m in New Orleans and we have the blue bikes all over the city. I have a box full of infowars stickers from years of product purchases. Looks like I’ve found a home for them!


I lived in Amsterdam for 2 years


From Mesa Arizona - the best place for weather right now


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