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My name is @Deplorable Hill on twitter. I will be Organizing a Protest at the new Google data collection center locationed in Henderson. I will be applying for a permit next week. This protest will be in the end of January beginning or February. I would love to see a large crowd. If you would like to be a part of this demonstration that would really help. I know your busy Owen, so I will do the organizing.


thank you Owen for creating this forum!


Yes thank you Owen, I really appreciate it.


Owen, I was looking for Infowars at the Flynn Sentancing. Talked to a patriot group that suggested I go in to the court with one of their members and I did. I heard all the sentencing procedure and it ajourned till March.

  1. If I can ask all the good People in the USA, we need to do something! I was at the FLynn sentancing hearing and went into the court preceeding.

This is my idea so here is a guess to kick start the “Border Security Package”.
Start by closing K street if Trump asks for it. Washington thinks it is untouchable and can resist, and can hinder a Republican President. Special Counsel got a fake FISA FBI warrant and made up false charges that financially ruined many able public servants like Flynn. If blocking K street is not enough, Then ratchet it up if Trump calls for government closure AND our groups support the closure close the entire city. Driving down there today, I feet that the whole DC area is a waste on the country.

At the Flynn sentencing hearing the judge asked hm 7 times if he wanted to reverse his guilty plea, all of which was started by the fake pee dossier around 2016. Finally, Flynn agreed to pospone the sentencing until march, he was really wanting this to be over.

There were supporters there at the Federal Court that drove in from the midwest, I drove 3 hours to get there.

So after hearing there was only 1 antifa at the hearing outside and there were over 80 people there with 30 in overt support of Flynn, focusing on antifa might have been a waste of time.

Just being in DC one day, I did see many legitimate journalists and activists among the tratorious globalist media. I recommend that everyone find a group from these (the good guys & gals) and make a plan, if you watch TV, stop watching the mainstream news. There will be traitors no matter what we do so expect it and don’t run our mouths around unknown people, expect to be recorded, but don’t feel if cnn asks you a question that you need to answer it, you can walk on by.

I have said before, we have to start fighting for the USA and never stop. London, Wall Street and the EU figured out how to hollow out the middle class wages in the USA, will take their guns, flood our borders and threaten to put us in jail.

I know we can do this and I hope there are other mediums out there that you are using. I so wanted to talk to Infowars at the Flynn hearing today, but could not find them, I did find Two patriot groups and conferred with them.

Good luck, were pulling for you !


Thanks for doing this Owen! It will be nice to finally talk to more like-minded infowarriors and actually have a mature, intellectual discussion/debate since we know brainwashed libtards are completely incapable of performing this simple task.


Super excited to have finally found our way to your forum!! Thanks for creating such an amazing way for info warriors to connect.


At what point does the tree of liberty need to be bled?
They need to go after the treason of previous administration or get out of the way and let’s get this civil war on for real- these scumbags have committed high crimes and treason to enrich them selfs , trying to hold onto power and guarantee the Chinese century at the expense of the US tax payer and the future of our children .


Huntsville, Alabama checking in. If your in AL, and want to get arrested together for standing up against tyranny, either from the LEFTIST agenda or the Republican Establishment. Hit me up!
I am a gun nut, a survival nut, or your just looking for a like minded person to go pump iron with and make fun of SJW’s…seriously I wanna get Northern Alabama and Southern Tennesse awakened!!!


Thanks dude twitter sux peace out


Just found the link and joined up, your InfowarriorTrucker here! Thanks for this and all you do!
I’m a 18 year veteran trucker and been listening to Alex for 17 years now! Glad to see this forum! I look forward to listening to Alex and you every day! Being a trucker I get to talk to lots of people as you can imagine so I always bring up infowars as much as possible and tell them it’s truly tomorrow’s news today!


Thanks Owen!! Cincinnat, Ohio here. Keep up the fight and we will too!!


@OwenShroyer is LIVE hosting for Alex Jones! Watch at infowars.com/show & get the app infowarsapk.com https://www.infowars.com/world-exclusive-trump-believes-there-will-be-an-armed-uprising-of-americans-if-deep-state-tries-to-remove-him-from-office/




I am going to go out on a limb here…(full sarcasm, comedy, etc…) but it is time to respond accordingly according to this post,“there will be an uprising.”

(better be an uprizing already for the fraud committed already, ffbi and clinton’s crimes, and no need to wait, practice makes perfect) it probably will take many uprizings. We do have the rights to protest…

And, this was predicted, that Trump would signal patriots to respond:
, he did it already and said, the fake news was the ememy of the people, 1st warning to respond,

“there will be an uprising” 2nd warning to respond… etc… etc,

we dont have to worry about Trump, he will never give up, I hope we do the same.


Let’s See What Happens…#GodsGotThis


Other side of PA. Lehigh valley


Right on​:fist: Welcome to Infocomms :beers::beers:


I truck also… and share this stuff also, but lately ive been sharing
Karl Lentz…
Mark Taylor…
and Kat Kerr…

Things have clicked a few notches up. Including hazmat ERG 125 in the orange section… for sulpher dioxide… poisonous gas. Fatal inhalation hazard… etc… poison is being released over Jamestown KY and if the governor doesnt want to ground these domestic terrorist somebody has to.


@OwenShroyer is hosting live with Alex Jones!


Thank you, Owen. I saw this on your recent vid. I’ve been on GAB and noticed a fucklot more trolls of a certain nature than I ever encountered on twitter. Let’s try this here and see where it leads.

One thing: I’ve come from minds.com and already noticed people suggesting one have the ability to BLOCK someone else’s feed. I agree with that mechanism. I’m all for freedom of speech, but even websites with users who have money to boost their product can be a little trying at times.

Something for you to consider.

Oh and I love the little bots who talk to me, when I first set up. grin I got badges!