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The Turner Turnpike linking Tulsa and Oklahoma City was the first of its kind, and cost 50 million. That was many years ago, but after building the first one, the fix was in.
Alex has reported this before, also covering misuse of 5th Amendment eminent domain to enrich corporate and foreign interests. It deserves its own study and documentation though, as those arteries over geographic obstacles will be closed by our military (or an invading one) at the first sign of trouble.
Also, many of the outfits building toll roads in America are from Spain. Anybody who thinks Spain to be a minor player in the endgame has underestimated the enemy.


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Here is some more information expanding upon your post regarding the Interstate system.

Not completely unfounded. Many “Weigh Stations” are laid out to be easily converted into checkpoints and quick-deploy detention/processing control centers. But there are more nefarious aspects to the US Interstate system that you and others may be unaware.

I always thought it was common knowledge that the highway system was created specifically to be able to move heavy military assets across the country. Nothing new here. What is new is the Intelligent Traffic System being implemented and laid out upon this network of highways like a surveillance net.

I had to do a study on vehicular RFID/proximity systems to investigates methods to increase the operating window with a speed component for metering. This was a long time ago and gave me the opportunity to investigate the system much closer.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, I have witnessed an explosion of ITS monitoring pods extending into the upper NorthEast states. Running under the guise of traffic management, I have a suspicion (I’m not in any way connected to ITS or any technologies being rolled out now, so not insider information) that this networked system is being outfitted with sensors to track materials (NBC), individuals(Facial/license plate recongnition), and radio transmissions(pickup LO of tuned radio, monitor 2way radio traffic).

Now that most people voluntarily opt in to carry state surveillance monitoring equipment (Smartphones, wait until it becomes your digital ID and wallet.), there are some that do not, and can be monitored when travelling on US (FedGov property) interstates. When you drive on many of these highways your car is identified and monitored as it travels along the highway system via image capture. Originally this was done to monitor traffic speeds, but it has been expanded to track highway users. These sites are designed to work OFF GRID(power wise).

All of this ties back into A21 or whatever it has morphed into under the SmartCity initiative under transportation. Barriers are going up around many interstates to help with sound migration, but it is also to control undetected penetration and eventually, escape from the controlled corridors.

I’m only going to tug at your curiosity at this point, but feel free to research further:



If nothing else, READ the DoT strategic plan. It’s all out there in the open. Technology is a double-edged sword.

Tie this into OBD-III vehicular computer initiatives that include a bi-directional link to connect your OBD computer to ITS systems. This will allow further control, probably under the guise of green initiatives, which we all know, is just another aspect of centralized control.

Welcome to the Prison Planet, and we are funding it.


PS: NewsWars, I will write/submit researched articles if desired.


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What about a basic schematic of a build your own telecommunication device to be on the current page with others in your area, and worldwide communication in general?

Also, any thoughts on build your own solar steam engine and patriot batteries for generating and storing power?



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