Owen Shroyer Here


Another Patriot from Ct here, NE. quiet corner. Brklyn. Location? Get ready for tolls, another tax in this land of lefties. Good to meet a Ct warrior my like minded friend.


WOW Brooklyn, CT!!! Its beautiful there~ ALOT OF MAGA ~


It’s definitely a red town in a blue state…a lot of agriculture, hard working, good people. I’m a 64yr old Army Veteran, discusted with the whole climate. I got real active in 2001 in response to the patriot act, then ramped it up when barry was inserted…been balls to the wall ever since. I’m a CCDL member, Quiet Corner Tea Party, try to stay active.


StovePipe I salute you!


What part are you from?


Line up the moving trucks because people are moving out of CT~


Very true, the democrats just spend spend spend, anti business, and wiping out the middle class. I’m orig from Middletown, the city is in ruins.


Would really love to see a clip of your interview with Leo Zagami it aired the 2 days ago around 2 o clock about Interdimensional portals, ritual stargate sites. People keep asking why society is collapsing, as a paranormal investigator i will tell you people who live around and near ritual sites suffer from depression, anxiety, seclusion, suicide. The answer is in Leo’s answer, truly sick evil people are a physical host to demons, that are allowed a way in and out by ritual/sacrifice. Groundbreaking interview Owen. God bless


Owen, I am concerned with what Trump’s options are about the Wall and
what Leftists will do when he calls for a National Emergency.

A.I think civility is good on this site. BUT
B. Never will leftists be civil to non-leftists, in fact I Caution you to be ready if you ever meet a leftist, especially if it is one paid to be a protester.
B.1. When a leftist has a rap sheet, that is held over their head as the only motivation to
perform more criminal acts to non-leftists for money.
C. Leftists are responsible for all the criminals entering our southern border.
D. When the President calls a National Emergency, leftists will incite riots in major cities and in schools.
E. Be ready for non-civility from leftists, who have no regard for Americans, human life, our well being, laws and nation.


Sorry I’m late. Better later than never. Great looking site and I’m already liking the feature. I prefer this type of social media over Facebook… more like the BBS days kind of stuff.

Thanks… looking forward to reading and posting.


This is not the topic for this but since it was posted here I’m going to take advantage of it.

I watched Fed Charmian Powell’s full interview where he talked about how he was worried about the growing debt. You can tell he’s lying his ass off. Give us our 9 Trillion back and we will be good till we get a new Obama.

The lies are over the top.


Wow! Thanks for Posting this hxtr.


I have speculated over the years where the money might of went. My speculation have changed under President Trump. No different than the $2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon announced 9-10-2001 the day before 911.

Trump went on the platform the debt if past $22 Trillion was the end of us. Now he seems not to care. We are @ $22 Trillion and climbing.

Trump announced creating a Space Force. We probably already had one for a very long time… say 1940’s to 50’s. … and our money is being used to build it. Yet we think we only visited the moon. Makes me wonder if they really do have kids on Mars like that guy said on Alex Jones show years ago… and Elon Musk is just making an easy taxi toys to keep us all distracted… thinking, “wow… Look what we can do.”

All speculation but a fact $11.3 Trillion is missing from the American people… and the MSM made sure we could not care.


I remember in real time rumsfeld standing up and announcing that on the down low, I almost think a lot of the records were in Building #7, and right in the spot where the Pentagon got hit…hence, no paper trail. The Patriot Act was anything but Patriotic.


if you dig enough, you find out they were.:frowning:


Look what Roger said about or resident Alien. Do you think they had to glue his hair on?


Give my Twitter a follow to raise awareness in WNY MakeBuffalo_Great



When are we going to start disregarding the things we know are not true or truth, for its once we begin to do this, the sooner we are less inundated with that which blinds us, however I will admit, the Truth is not only UNLICKED, its also None profitable, but I wonder what is worth more, them dollars in our pocket, or the world we live in?

I appreciate the position the INFOWARS team is in, however I am not sure we are accomplishing anything really. Thanks brother, Take care.

PS: please remind Davie, We are missing his Cigar and Brandy :slight_smile:

Thank you.


AZ Navajo ready to defeat some Zombies! Nothing I love more than flourishing my gift of intellect, at least big fish, small pond so far. These NPCs aren’t ready for an informed Native! Much love to all, Happy Belated MLK Day.



Owen. Been sick a lot since b 4 Thanksgiving that is why I have not called in. Been working on these. I think we need to inform NYC Public School parents so we can take NY back. Honest feedback appreciated, share if you can! Thanks. teacher/Education Alena NY, unofficial infowars researcher.