Owen Shroyer Here


Thank You Sir.

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Hey kids, Brad Chadford here.


URL: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/criminally-prosecute-and-end-all-late-term-post-term-abortions


Thanks for setting up this forum. The tech giants and media giants are not operating in good faith and are deliberately working against the American people. Media organizations that deliberately lie to the public have no right to operate in a civil society. Tech giants that deliberately censor speech to silence the political opponents of the authoritarian Left have no right to operate in a free society. Those institutions that deliberately work to poison the minds of the people while silencing freedom of expression for selected political targets must be identified as enemies of our society and halted from carrying out further damage.They think they can shut us up and shut us down. We are at war.


Hello Brother-man, you know I know what you’ve done for me and I’ll always be grateful. You’re a fighter to be admired by fighters. And I’m proud to know one of the most dangerous men alive. BAUS


From one Sam to another, welcome to the 'Comms! I heard your conversation about that on the air today.

Stick around and keep on taking it to the streets!


Watch info wars here


Plz feel free to add links


ok…so how do I connect with others in St Louis area?


Make a post with your city in the title or search for you city name pretty sure I’ve seen posts from st. Louis before


That could be me.

I am from Owen’s home burg, now living in a sub burg (if you will) (I think Owen used to, also). :wink:

For me, it’s the one whose iconography involves a covered wagon.


I’m looking to meet up with fellow info warriors in the St Louis area!


thank you Mr President 2028


Thanks Owen!


You can reach me directly at my email address [email protected] Com


Hey, for sure :slight_smile:


@OwenShroyer… owen just wanted to say love your show brother
…makes me take the long way home every day thanks for all you do