Owen Shroyer Here



Now we don’t have to worry about some authoritarian big Tech platform killing our ability to share ideas and formulate plans!

A centralized communication hub to take this thing to the next level!!


I was banned during the 2016 election year by all the big tech platforms. No reason given. This is not a joke.


Hey Orange County here…hope.
you come joing our “Californians For Trump”


@OwenShroyer Savanah is going to take your show.
Hot and Intelligent.
Watch out


GA BUT TN BOUND. Sent out surplus INFOWARS bumper stickers to random people on your community or abroad.


My buddy and I went to the Costa Mesa Trump Rally http://pic.twitter.com/t0hS8EEdIU

Kicking and punching my Prius… AND YES, that is an Infowars Sticker on the back #OWNEDANTIFA


Long Island NY native here. Don’t see anyone from my area yet! but I’m hoping. :slight_smile:


Nope, PP is still up and running, just checked.


Well, it seems as though we are birds of a feather! You’re probably the first person I have ever said that too, haha.


Semper Fi…great Forum Owen!


Please look at this article about the horrific state of the US border towns! She says the migrants sometimes kidnap children to try to pretend they’re the kids parents (to blend in), and other times they find the kids raped (specifically the article mentions finding a kid half dead in a field with the semen of 30 different men on them)! Then the people can’t really speak up because they’re afraid the cartels will find them or that they’ll be fired from their jobs. The kids’ schools are at times put on lock-down because of stray bullets from cartel wars endangering them. Horrific.


Thanks @OwenShroyer! Hopefully now we have a place where the tech giants can’t kick us off just for existing and being even a little bit to the right of Hitler, Stalin, & Mao. Now we have a place where we can exist, and our voices can be heard. Thank you Owen! And thank you InfoWars. We are the Infowars Army and we will break into the mainstream matrix with our messages and ideas that penetrate and scramble it’s control over the mind of man! We are united in Patriotism and intellectualism, free from the treachery of superficial identity based messaging, faux-liberalism, and fake news! We are InfoWarriors!


Here from Thorndale, TX in Milam County. This forum idea was a revolutionary idea, this could be the one thing that gets us all together making it the knockout punch to the controlled leftists.
Happy thanksgiving to all at infowars and every red blooded Americans out there!


Thank you Owen, Michigan Infowarriors ready to red pill the needy. CAP LOCK OFFICIALLY ON.


This is SUPER awesome, Thank you for creating this forum @OwenShroyer & Crew! :slight_smile: Much love & Blessings! :heart:


Rad forum fellow Missourian! @OwenShroyer


Love the new platform. Now I don’t care if I get banned from twitter for just saying facts in that upside down crap hole. Loving this! :heart_eyes:


I just wanted to say… TRUMP Number 1 USA!


@RightWingOper8r - what part of Missouri are you in? I live near Columbia - would be nice to get a Missouri group going


Yes! Now we can protect America together. INFOWARS ARMY!