Owen Shroyer Here


Hey Owen! Buffalo NY Infowars Army checking in! Thank you for this site! My dream is to work for Infowars so i will do whatever i can to spread the message and speak truth to power, as well i will confront people with the truth about infowars and alex jones! All anyone ever has to say is “gay frogs” when asked about AJ and IW, so i love to red pill them and show them what theyve missed!

1776 WorldWide!!! :v::fist:


@OwenShroyer My brother! Thank you so much for putting this up. You will be amazed, if enough people come on from each city and meet up, what can be accomplished.

I’m in Baltimore, and I’m SO ready to meet up and get some stuff done.


Link up and start rollin! We have a 4 person crew in KS and each one of us has stepped our game up because of it…

1 person can be effective, look at ATL, but having a person to record, hold signs, drive on trips really gets things going!

God speed


Holy crap, you got hassled by SS ? Rally in Houston was great! Loved it. Good to see fellow Houston members here!


Not really harassed, but the same agent kept finding me in the crowd after I would hold up my Infowars shirt. They almost bounced me out of there lol but it was worth it. Rebels.!!!



Love my IW products!!


Awesome!!! :raised_hands::star2::100:


Hey Owen. I’m from San Diego California. I love your show, I love memes, and I love Donald Trump.


Bronx new York brother


From the border of FEMA area 7, in the Democrat stronghold of St Louis, Missouri, comes the Aussie who is bunkered down in the centre of the rapidly upcoming SHTF event, that will usher in the new age of the United Latin American States of New Venezuela.


Cool. That’s awesome




Thanks Owen from Las Vegas Merica!!


Woohoo!!! Thanks for listening to your followers. I’m super excited to link with fellow patriots! Maybe I’ll make a Canadian group :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you Owen. Hope this gets going as planned and we start to wake up the population.


Hello from Fort Wayne Indiana
Thanks to you and the crew for creating this platform.


Thanks Owen it’s nice to have a platform with all like minded people


as soon as i heard Owen mention it on War Room i went for it ! really hope i can find people in SC that want to go out into the 3d world with me


Alex does NOT need to be an Acosta peer… Alex needs to be a ‘sub-in’ for Sarah Huckabee Sanders…