Owen Shroyer Here


Hope I made you proud Owen!!!
-Spazzed Patriot


That vid made my day SpazzedPatriot!!!


Thank you Owen! God bless you and your daily efforts. This is a solid tool for we the people to make america great again.


Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Oatmeal Time. Stay Classy With Oatmeal.





Me too. I hopped over like a chicken with no head. Like oatmeal with no sugar haha.


That would be explosive to have Alex talking to the media like a Sarah 2.0


Look like? poppers lol j/k that’s great!


Can you share links to what you guys are doing here?


Can you share your stuff here? Make it easier for people to see your links, videos, things. The easier, the better.


great idea! Mind if I copy on the scooters here in the IE?


Wisconsin! Much respect!


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK OWEN AND INFOWARS TEAM!! FB is getting worse and worse and unfairly so. Hope everyone can wean themselves off.


All the way from New Zealand (Home of the globalist!) I am so impressed with you all. Good people doing good things. It can be hard to find in ones immediate surroundings but INFOWARS has given so many a place to find it and each other, Thank you


This is great! Thanks Owen from Concord California!


I agree. It used to be that if you didn’t like / agree with someone or a program, you simply changed the channel. Today, more and more it’s not only acceptable, but encouraged that if you don’t subscribe to the group think, you destroy / ban that person or channel.
Sprinkle in a generous portion of political correctness, so that when the group think focuses in on something you don’t agree with, your forced to go along out of cowardice, the fear of being outed by your peers.
This slippery slope will be the downfall of our Great Country, at least I believe that is the plan…:us:


“God speed”: it would be remiss of me to give such a blanket blessing.

2 John 1
10If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: 11For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.


Gen Shroyer
I thank you for your straight and courage.
I will work hard at being the Warrior in which you seek thanks again for this platform


Thanks Owen.
Big thanks and blessings from Belgium to you all. Been following infowars for 10+ years on youtube and now i still do, but it just requires me to insert a search query now after the bans :slight_smile: thanks to all those spread the infowars word.
I wonder… Any other belgians or dutch people on here? :slight_smile:


This is a fine quality site you guys set up, really congratulations on such a well executed project. I love your values Owen !


This is a GREAT idea! Glad to be here!