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How To Swagg MAGA


One way of performing activism and showing patriotism is also by breaking into the digital matrix to show other ideas to the people who might see it, think about it, and potentially change their mind. One way of helping with that is by unmasking the Fake News Media. If you can show the people how Fake the Mainstream “News” really are, then you can break the matrix and let that person see through the lies and deception to make decisions for themselves, rather than taking orders and being given their talking points to repeat to others without thinking for themselves. This Compilation of the truly Fake News breaks through the digital matrix and has the potential to change people’s minds. Check it out and Share it with your friends, family and others for not just a nice laugh, but to tear the veil covering their eyes by the lamestream media!

“FAKE TEARS FROM FAKE NEWS! (2018 Compilation)”:

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Reporting from the Philippines.Thanks Owen, hoping for an asian branch.


Thank you for posting this. Many have no clue how horrific it really is. Shared to my accounts, hope other will do the same.


Thank you all finally some where we can blow up and start to organize


Exactly what we in our allying network do here on daily @thesourwarhead and we do it effectively and proudly with the elite smartest, best n brightest news n commentator crew there is right alongside a Alex @OwenShroyer and their entire crew! We ALL stand UNITED! :us:


Im glad I brightened up your day, we need more of that!!!
-Spazzed Patriot


Watch as #JorgeRamos says, from the caravan/invader’s camp, that “there are no middle-easterners here. So, no terrorists here”. WOW Jorge, that’s not bigoted at all! https://youtu.be/ASSYwmpj5wQ


What if we could encourage newly arrived immigrants to assimilate & show em how great our country is & that anyone can become a middle-class American?
We’ve allowed Democrats & the Radical Left to encourage Anger/Hate/Terrorism in America, & ppl from socialist/underdeveloped countries are vulnerable to their divisive rhetoric.
Imagine how good becoming a part of the Real American Dream would look to someone who’s never had that kind of comfort & freedom!
I grew up in the California projects, the heart of the Latino community, & most are decent, hard working families, typically Catholic/Christian faithful.
But they’re convinced by Dems that crime is their only option.
President Trump has turned the Republican party into the party of Middle-Class hard working Americans & they better start owning it! The Dems are clearly the party of the Rich/Wealthy/Wall Street, Gluttonous Globalists who hate us & are trying to destroy the family.
Personally I prefer being middle or working class to being rich/wealthy cuz we’ve seen what it does to ppl.
“Deal with Mexico paves way for asylum overhaul at U.S. border” http://a.msn.com/01/en-us/BBQ2WME


I’m from Oregon.

When I was in Vietnam teaching English for 5 years until 2017, the Vietnamese loved Obama but didn’t know much about America.


Vietnamese mostly knew what tourists told them personally concerning the USA and other countries, meaning that Vietnamese were not really listening to the fake news a whole lot, or maybe not too much, generally.

First Impressions

This might mean that foreigners have an even greater ability, peer to peer, person to person, online & offline, to influence how other countries see America. Historically, that has been the case. Technocracies and fake news and others have been trying to change that. But we can continue to help good people immigrate into America. Sadly, we have been letting too many people in while ignoring our homeless, the Veterans, people in Chicago, children, etc.


From Central NY, Cuomo was voted for again…Too many Americans couldn’t give a damn to vote. They complain about their civil liberties being stripped and children being indoctrinated while simultaneously whine that their vote wouldn’t count so why bother. Thank you Owen for everything you and the Infowars army are doing to keep Americans safe.


Are you saying there is no voter fraud? People shouldn’t write to Trump at WriteTrump.com and Soros is dead?


You’re welcome. My friend was so bothered about the situation after having read the article and wanted to do something about it. This is “something”. I had tried calling in to War Room but they had to drop my call because there wasn’t enough time left.

People need to know about the specifics.


#PresidentTrump has made it clear that the only way to come into our country is LEGALLY!
Meanwhile, the migrant/caravan/invaders are making it clear that they are criminals without laws to adhere to=They’re wrong!
Our laws protect us from ppl like this, that’s why we have a sovereign nation


Thanks to incessant attempts to destroy us, it is only a matter of time til Americans rise up & begin making citizens arrests then escorting em out of our country. You leave us no options https://www.infowars.com/red-alert-un-funded-migrant-horde-of-violent-criminals-just-tore-through-u-s-border-defenses-tear-gas-fired/


Reporting for duty.


The #FakeNewsMedia strikes again! “Was Photo Of Migrant Mother ‘Fleeing Tear Gas’ With Children At U.S. Border Staged?” =Ya think? https://www.dailywire.com/news/38683/was-photo-migrant-mother-fleeing-children-staged-joseph-curl


Great verse. Good focus in life. Good perspective. Get 'er done.


Thanks so much for creating this form for all the infowarsarmy…I’m loving this platform and have met up with some GREAT Peeps here too!


Wish I was in NH - still hope to work it out. Where are you in NH?