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I was in California in late 1971 there I had met a man who had just got out of prison. He was friends with the family whom I was staying. He seemed like an ‘activist type’. He was telling me that there was a ‘movement’ in the prison system amongst the inmates to take back California!
Maybe it is what has become LA Raza - I do not know. He was heading for South America and asked if i wanted to go with him - As he was ‘impressed’ with my inquisitiveness and curiosity i suppose I refused his offer.


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California has given up on it’s own people. The middle or working class are leaving the state but the problem is that they are going to places like Texas & trying to ruin that state too. Why would you leave a place for a “Better life” then make yourself & everyone else around you miserable?
Yet it happens every time.
There was a time in America when we made it a priority to encourage newly arrived immigrants to assimilate so why can’t we demand that now?
It’s our country, it’s our Texas so don’t F’ it up!
a former Californian


NW Florida here. Long time listener.


Can states like Texas find ways to stop too many people from moving over from refugee Hell-holes, places like Chicago, Detroit, California? Is there anything we can do to slow down internal national migrations?


Sadly, no we can’t, that’s something I’ve had to learn to accept.
But we can make it less easy to invade &/or conquer us.
Right now, the only welcome wagon they get is a Democrat who turn em against America, offers em handouts that we pay for & they skim from, all in the hopes they will create a permanent voter block.
If we turned em all into Republican or Independent voters then the Democrats would want our borders secure & they would stop running people out of the few blue states they would have left.
De-Program em all!


WARROOM stickers are a must


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Can employers reward loyal employees for staying at a job for many years? Doesn’t that encourage people to stay in their state, in their city, their community?

So, why not reduce welfare?

I say that helps. Reward people for working hard. And reward other people for working even harder. When people migrate into you state from other states, why not ignore them? Because if you don’t ignore them, then you do ignore the homeless, the dying veterans, the poor children, etc, that are already being ignored all around you, right? We have to be tough with other states and other cities around us like they were doing in The Walking Dead (TWD) with the different communities (states). We need less taxes, welfare, regulations, etc. We need more freedoms, competition, free markets, stronger borders, etc.


Good show today Owen!


Marshfield to be exact. That would be great!


Yes it was. Alex was on fire on Sunday and today and David Knight was AWESOME too…Loved the Broadcasts today!


Who else is woke in SE Florida?!


War room was great today. Did anyone watch the clip of that whack job Ellen Pompeo🤣


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Yeaaaa! Lol sc here also. I’m in the Charleston area


Hello from Canada the lost…Thanks for creating this platform.
Never give up!!


MSM’s biggest regret is that they couldn’t find enough bad mothers to endanger their children for the photo op http://a.msn.com/01/en-us/BBQ8aMV




Give these restaurant owners a call & tell them how you feel about their shirts calling for the murder of #PresidentTrump