Owen Shroyer Here


INFOWARRIOR here from the SOONER state.


Thank you for creating this resource!




Ah the #RadicalLeft & their crazy conspiracy theories…
that will get us all killed!!


Dear Democrats, please learn our laws & stop twisting em to suit your own needs! By proclamation #PresidentTrump can do what the law requires he do about border smashing invaders!


Unbelievable huh…thats what you can turn into when everyone around you tells you “yes” and “how great you are”
That was true hollywood.
I was in the “club” in the 90’s with my band and were around celebrities alot…people treated us that way…Its really strange the culture there




This would be AWESOME…Especially if @Realalexjones was running it…Then you could be sure your getting accurate intel.


#CreepyJimAcosta breaks the rules again as fox news calls him a “Hero” & Netflix hands him an appearance on “House of Cards”
Disrespecting #PresidentTrump​ has officially become lucrative


Thanks for your work in setting this site up, it is good. I believe that we are here to do good things. There is nothing that can prevent us from keeping this country the best place on earth of all time and making it better. I ask that whoever reads this believe that we are connected together in this effort regardless of what happens in the short term. Thanks Alex and Owen and everyone that supports Infowars.


Step 1. Everyone grab a Libtard & head for the border
Step 2. Throw Libtard(s) over the border & trade em for a migrant
=The lesser of 2 Evils
“Owen Shroyer Destroying Libtards”


Milking the chant, ala WWE. well played Owen


First rule about FightClub is you don’t talk about Fightclub


Watch Owen Shroyer’s the WarRoom​ show LIVE! Infowars.com/show & get the app infowarsapk.com! “#PresidentTrump Signals Treason Trials Coming”


Such a great idea to do this. I just heard the caller from Kansas and I had to sign up for this. I would love to start an “underground” night were we meet for beers locally! The Real Resistance! I got the WarRoom hoodie and love it!


Time to stand up to the Left indoctrinated, so-called Liberal, Progressive, SJWs!
I’ve been confronting them right back when they come at me with hostility, attitude &/or scream at me.
Don’t hold back, let them know how stupid they look by repeating what they say back to em & making faces like they do.
We’ve tried to be civil, but they don’t want that.
We’ve tried to be the better person but they are not so we end up being bulled by em
Can’t ignore a screaming banshee who acts like an insane asylum patient, so don’t.
If they do/say something while walking away then follow em & ask em what their problem is, especially if they are an employee of the establishment you are in.
Call em out in case their boss is around, or if there’s video surveillance then management can view it later.
Without violence
Without seeking the confrontation & you are merely defending & protecting yourself, there’s no need to just stand there & take it
Trust me these mental patient eligible individuals will actually have the nerve to be surprised & will immediately try to act innocent.
This will put them on the defensive so they are no longer a threat.


Greetings from Northern Ontario Canada! Owen Rocks!


Hey There Owen,

I’ve had a very interesting month or so with #SocialMedia bans.

24 October got banned from #Facebook for 30 days for posting something that wasn’t PC. Got my posting “privileges” back on Saturday 24 November, and then TODAY I got ANOTHER ban for posting something they didn’t like…Of course they haven’t told me what I did.

Moreover, I left led to change the focus of my #YouTube Channel to share videos from the #AlexJonesShow #Infowars and @Warroomshow

ONE week later…I got banned from posting or live streaming for 2 weeks…You can’t make this stuff up!



Sorry, I know this IS a lot (and can be overwhelming)… the last 35 days have been like being in “They Live” or one of the “Left Behind Movies”…


Yes, God’s speed. Such a great job Owen. Thank You!!