Owen Shroyer Here


Soon after posting this video #PaulJosephWatson & several members of INFOWARS.COM became targets of threats of violence, doxxing & social media harassment.
Thanks for proving how tolerant you are NOT Portlanders!


Well…It was just as I reported in the video above…I JUST found this out about 3 minutesago…

ANOTHER 30 days in the #Hoosegow


I spent some time this year in Reynosa on the Mexico side of the lower Rio Grande Valley. Three kids were kidnapped from different families that my neighbors personally knew! This was in just a couple months’ time, in an area of small villages that are sparsely populated. None of those kids were seen again, and the families were frantic looking for any recourse. Then I found out that my friend’s sister was kidnapped at eleven years of age. She was spotted weeks later with her kidnapper (a neighbor) in Reynosa, after which he brought her home to the village (pregnant). These are people I know personally. Here is a pic of the kid born from that union (red shirt, standing). I put gel in all the boys’ hair, and we took this pic. Be watchful, Infowarriors, be OVERLY suspicious and ready–when a threat like this comes to you, you have one chance (a few seconds) to fight for your life!


i love it!!! Awesome!!! this is what we need!!!



Yeah, and Laura Ingalls Wilder…


Wow Pastor Sam. I was surprised but then again NOT surprised to get a txt message from you last night saying your in Buenos Aires. I forgot that you had told Owen you were going there for the inauguration of the new President.

I SSSOOO wish I could been able to come along with you to cover this event…But my RN job, at this moment, has kept me from being free to go as the Lord inspires!


I’m from Cresson PA good to see other people from PA

This is what we all have:wink: been waiting for thanks Owen


Owen doesn’t just talk about it, Owen acts. That’s why we love him!


Correction- I am in Mexico. Even my mentor in the 82nd Airborne Division had to call the Air Force for a ride…
All the world leaders are going to commute this weekend between Buenos Aires and Mexico City. They are only about 5000 miles apart. I would like to cover the event from Mexico City, but even that is beyond the ability of my iron horse at this point! Also, congrats to Jerod Kushner, who THIS DAY in Buenos Aires is receiving the highest honor Mexico bestows upon foreigners, the Order Of The Aztec Eagle (equivalent to a knighthood). Watch for this in the news…it is a beginning for all kinds of international swamp-draining!


I thought about that (on my way to work) after I added the message…You were mentioning BA, and for some reason I thought you were headed there not just going to Mexico City. Sorry about that.:slight_smile:


The #ObamaRegime wasn’t an administration, it was a crime spree!


When you are too over the top, even for CNN! “CNN Fires Marc Lamont Hill Following Israel Comments” https://www.mediaite.com/tv/exclusive-cnn-fires-marc-lamont-hill-following-israel-comments/


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“Great leaders don’t think outside the box- they bury it. and then they make darn sure none of their followers are tempted to dig it up again.” Hannibal


Great leader realize there is no box.


You and I had a tie game, Owen, both with zero :heart: given. So here you go, I am giving you my first one. Infocomms is a great tool. Thanks for setting it up. These walls of anonymity have been our survival mechanism for a long time. Now we need to get rid of them, come together, and begin real (yes, IRL real) associations, and the Infocomms will help.


Port Tampa here, right outside MacDill AFB central command :us: if you find an inforwars sticker on anything around here, that’s a gift from me! Stay Classy Info Warriors <3



Thanks Infowars! Time to get to work! We were made for this! I know this isn’t censored! Be aware of posts being made before the next attack like what happened to Gab. Just part of the fight. We can do this. I think its time to get some rallys going every saturday morning to raise awareness about all the corruption until justice is served. God is with us! Jesus showed us the way!