Owen Shroyer, War room


Doe’s anyone know how I can get in contact with Owen?
Are there anyone here from Europe?

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The Owen Shroyer War Room Thread

He is on Twitter. You can try that. You can also try email. You can go to Infowars.com and look for contact information.


One email address is showtips@infowars.com


Owen Shroyer’s Twitter


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Europe has an Info Wars as well.

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thank you ! I will try…


Tommy Robinson & Dan Lyman & Paul Joseph Watson are in Europe.

(Infowars Europe)

Infowars Europe

Link: https://europe.infowars.com

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I would agree, Twitter is the best way to reach out to him.

He might not answer immediately but just keep trying.


I tried to make a twitter account to follow Owen and they locked my account immediately. Wanting me to “appeal”. Pssh!!


Owen should come out with a Mighty Ducks jersey one of these days. What’s up with all the Disney music?


Why? Have you been in the Twitter dog house?


No, I’m not sure why honestly. I was trying to create one when they told me I seemed “spammy” so they wanted me to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get an account started.


Actually, that sounds like typical bot guarding. Was it only that publisher you were trying to follow, or were there others? Because they already suspect that we use bots to boost the followers count.

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I couldn’t even follow anyone because of how my account was immediately locked, although yes that is the only person’s page I went to then I saw I wasn’t allowed to make any actions whatsoever. IDRC though, I’ll just get a subscribe star for Owen if I want to follow him that badly. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sure it is normal for Twitter to do things like that nowadays.


I remember, back when I was in college and Facebook was in its infancy, once person actually was accused of being a bot because he was on it so much and using it so quickly. So this isn’t anything new.

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Hey, right here. What’s up?


I sneaked into the studio last night and hid all the Turbo Force. :stuck_out_tongue:

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2 months later you got your response from @OwenShroyer.
Now, what was your question?


I got some ideas for the money bomb. Maybe hire some reporters in different states. That are from those states.
The reporters could help rally up activists in those states. Also have a quarterly money bomb. Then maybe help some people with better equipment then these little phones. So they can stop people and interview them. I walk a lot I did do that one interview with the lady (Fuck Trump) in downtown Denver. With my little phone. Have some more contest in each state. Just for that state. Also have a Saturday Night Infowars Live. Got to draw more attention in each state. On Infocoms there is about 15 in Texas and three in Colorado. Only 1 in Utah. There are also people who have not listed there state. But going by Fema region well a lot of people don’t have the money to drive to other states.