Owen Shroyer, War room


Potential expansion of that, if you don’t mind:

Anyone remember that Johnny Carson used to have comics on his show fairly often, where they’d do their routine for a segment, and then if they were lucky, got invited to the couch? I think we can all agree that the Infowars crew wants to encourage us to do our own thing, but we also recognize that they have a “reach” that we might not have. What about, maybe once a week, they have one segment dedicated to an independent reporter of the week, and show one of their reports they’ve submitted and Infowars has vetted (and bleeped for FCC purposes if necessary)? And perhaps a segment the next week with the reporter in studio (sort of like making it to the couch) to talk about the report and future work?


Denver has a lot of bad stuff going on. The Mile High Comic on Jason Street. They are teaching kids to dress in drag, dance and collect tips. Every 1st Sunday from 5-8 pm. The Book Bar in Denver- Reading stories, etc.


The irony…

Banned for:


@OwenShroyer… and some WONDER why you don’t make an appearance on the comms much…Who could blame you when you get the LEFT FOOT OF FELLOWSHIP every time…

Again, sorry brother…Ignore their #FakeNews


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You can keep running your mouth with your pathetic fake news lies and try to pretend that you’re defending freedom and you’re defending whatever you think you’re defending…

Do all of us a favor do not claim to be an inforWarrior do not claim to be part of the infowarsarmy because infowarsarmy people do not initiate mutiny and their SOLE existence isn’t to cause division and strife.

Oh by the way James I’m not hiding [I’ve been ignoring your ignorant butt] from anything I’m right here in the ATX defending freedom with the REAL infowarsarmy!


#YeahRight #NiceTry #YouWish

I have not posted much here publicly because I knew their a jealous children who can’t control their foolishness!


IF you cannot support #AlexJones #Infowars @Infowarsarmy #FreeSpeech #OwenShroyer then take your bull crap to your #ANTIFA #Lefttists buddies instead!

Thank You for confirming why posting here is worthless…and it sad that you are making the comms and S-Hole place to be!

You are proud of your disgusting behavior because your NOT smart enough to SEE the error of your ways!

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Believer or not, this is some wise advice…

Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:

  • James 1:19
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James…The one who can only last a minute…His wife must be proud!



This is NOT the place to do it…

Think about those who are brand new to infowars…

They see this foolishness and would think we are NO BETTER than the #ANTIFA #Lefttists that they used to hang with.

We are supposed to be an ARMY of Patriots displaying an example of unity, and freedom not an army of mental patients who have instead turned this place into an S-Hole of fools who think they are JUSTIFIED to trash @OwenShroyer and #Infowars


IF they weren’t doing it…Why don’t they PROVE it by acting respectful and bringing UNITY despite our differences or grievances…


IF this is going to continue to be a rat infested S-Hole I’m not going to post anything publicly…

Why would I…when all my posts are going to get is the ghetto treatment…Trashing etc.

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And the anonymous online troll crew you’ve decided to join are doing a great job at pissing all over Infocomms.

I probably wouldn’t come here if I were @OwenShroyer either. Damned if he does, and damned if he don’t with this #WTFA. He described the situation quite well. He has to come here and babysit.

The actions being taken, do indeed say, “PLEASE COME BABYSIT ME!”

Also, the hypocrisy of these people is almost too much to handle.

Right up there is a dildo talking about liars and cowards hiding, directed toward Owen… when he’s hiding behind an anonymous profile and a computer screen.

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I hear you and understand what your saying and I KNOW you’re a real stand up guy and a Patriot too.

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I don’t have any issues with you, because I haven’t seen anything from you, like I have them.

Actions speak louder than words. I’ve said this numerous times on here now and there’s a reason why.

You can all say you love Infowars and Infocomms all you want. The actions say the opposite.


Its all good man, but is just another example of what I’m talking about. They’ve got people “taking sides”. They’re effectively dividing Infocomms.

Which is exactly what I’d do if I were an enemy of those around here.


I haven’t noticed that before…I have no idea why this is the case?

I am NOT going to speculate cuz I don’t know what is or was causing it…

I CAN see your concern, especially with Alex bringing attention to the eyes of Big Tech…but I have no idea why this happening and would not want to accuse someone of something.

In the case of Big Tech they have admitted to being on LSD, and DMT so it’s reasonable to think that is why their eyes are that way.

I have been around Owen many times over the last 11 months and I have not had any reason to think he was doing drugs.

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I don’t see evidence of it either.

Once these guys started making those accusations, I started looking at his eyes when I could, and I haven’t seen it. Nothing other than the still images they cherry picked to use in the memes. I did some work for a number of years where I had to deal with druggies and other shitbags. His mannerisms don’t really stand out to me either. Was always fun having to wrestle some whacko on speed or something… gdamn.

As far as Pastor Sam, I was always under the impression that he was out of Oklahoma. I don’t know him, its just from what I’ve seen him post on his account here, so that’s just my guess.

Remember how I was saying I see a lot of hypocrisy in their actions/accusations? Well I seem to remember them being pretty butthurt when Omar Navarro accused the Proud Boys of being druggies. Then they’re turning around and doing it to Owen over some personal beef, just like Omar did to the Proud Boys. There have been other examples in the past as well.

I get the drift that there is some personal shit between former and current Infowars employees going on here with this. If that is what this is, this is most definitely NOT the place for it.

I’m going to just be done with all of this now, is what I’m going to do. Yep. That’s the last I’m saying on this subject.

No judgment from me on that Zor, I’m right there with you. Not much into drinking, but I do enjoy getting home, smoking a bowl, and going for a run while the sun goes down. That’s one nice way to relax after a stressful day… Have done mushrooms too and had some profound spiritual experiences. Felt so completely connected and one with the creation… hard to explain really. Could feel the Earth breathing and see the trees dancing.

Haha I’d be interested to know what that mescaline was like… I always think of The Simpsons, and Homer when he ate the chili that made him trip.

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Yes, Andrew Jackson fought against Native Americans. That was his huge life mistake, no question.

Politically, yes, he was the first and only president since that actually dropped the US debt to zero. Those who believe in a debt-based economy may not have agreed with that, but the real push against Jackson at the time was the central bankers. From what I’ve read, Jackson hated those bankers and the battles they had back and forth lasted his whole presidency.

However, he never encountered the “Federal Reserve”. The Fed didn’t come into existence till 1913.

Andrew Jackson was our 7th president, 1829-1837. Democratic-Republican Party (Republican).


Sounds very much like today a controversial patriot president fighting the big bank.

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Actually, it was nothing like it is today. The central bankers didn’t have the government relationship they do today via the Federal Reserve. Today is the result of those battles back in the day of Jackson.

Starting with the very next president (Martin Van Buren, a founder of the Democratic Party) after Jackson, the bankers began their counter attack, ultimately winning the banking war in 1913.

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