Owen Shroyer - Wednesday's show


Hey @OwenShroyer

I sent you a private message concerning Wednesday’s show regarding a couple things you said, and tied that into something else you had said on a previous show. I hope you find the time to peruse it if not to accept it, then to give you something to really think about, I think you’re smart and can grasp the concepts.

I avoided posting those ideas here in public forum as I’m not interested in having any slew of people unable to ‘solve for X’ decide to disregard rational discussion because feelings.

You said on the show today logic is dead, and the only reason it dies is because of folks that cannot control their emotions more than their emotions control them. I really like to share my thoughts and reasoning to help our cause, but I get enough slings and arrows from the corrupted sick society that’s been conditioned to do that, let alone having to fight with our own side who just don’t want to listen, when all I want to do is build bridges with reasoning rather than tear down from emotions. This one is too important so I’m side stepping emotional mob rule.

Hope it might give you some ideas.


In Alex’s absence Owen “the destroyer” Shroyer has stared into the abyss too long and seems ready to swallow an entire bottle of black pills and go back to watching college basketball and sportcenter all day. Wednesday was exasperation, desperation and despair. Owen needs a vacation or he is going to either explode or stop caring about anything.


I’m sorry it first time I called in and in regard to Twitter, I am really sorry I lashed out on you on Twitter I am censored on all social media and deleting my Twitter I completly understand. I am big fan of Infowars


I really like your show and alex jones show. I deactivated my old twitter account I feel bad I’m going to clear my tweets on my second account. I didn’t mean to sound like a bitch and a skeptic or conspiracy theorist. I’m really sorry I was wrong am wrong about vaccines If there anything I can do to help please let me know