Owen Shroyer's 'Get on national radio: free T-shirt contest'


I love the Infowars contest and for those if us who couldn’t meme that good to win the last one, NOW WE HAVE A CHANCE. You don’t need Photoshop skills or video editing skills to call in a radio show to win this contest. Good luck Info Warriors

@ThaDreamReamer can you link your list of radio shows & info here please. Thx

@OwenShroyer contest requires us the Infowars Army to call into any National syndicated radio show (record it yourself) mention Infowars & Alex Jones being censored on the show Email the recorded call to [email protected]
Be the first to pull it off and you get any free T-shirt of your choice. Plus a segment on the warroom with Owen. We can easily pull this one off people no skills required.


@OwenShroyer Has Called us to Action.
Call in to any Nationaly syndicated Radio Show and Get on the Air, Mention Infowars and the Censorship of Infowars & Alex jones Record yourself or get the clip, Send it in get a free shirt-
“we are all Alex Jones” and another Personalized item. It might take a couple days of being on hold but getting Through is VICTORY! -OS

Dana Leosch (844-344-3262)
Glenn Beck (888-727-2325)
C-span (877-662-7726)
Savage Nation (855-400-7282)
Conservative Talk Radio (877-317-6432)
The breakfast Club NY (212-377-7900)
Add more numbers to other Shows in the thread.

Also call the White house about NAMCTA and the BIG TECH censorship section snuck in
Call local gov. Officals.

@DistractedMasses @ITSOKTOBEWHITE @Mischief_With_Griff @R_total369 @NPC @Pipeline @JoeyArnoldVN @AmericanPatriot1776 @proudinfidel


… Thx mate


This is what it takes. Slow days December are a great time to make some calls. Thanks for posting this DreamReamer1 Thanks Infowars! :sunny:


@ThaDreamReamer is the real deal!


Thanks! @proudinfidel i appreciate that!


How long do we have for this?


https://www.conservativeusa.org/talk-show-mega-list Some of the ones @ThaDreamReamer posted are on this list but there’s several others. It also shows the times they’re on air


I think until some one gets through. I think that makes it the challenge. @Mischief_With_Griff


I have a hunch they’ll probably take a few winners especially of there good calls. If there are several calls sent in Owen will probably air all of them or at least the good ones.


Today i got a shout out from owen i had called when the lines opened up but i didn’t make it through. But seconds later i heard the intro i suspected it was me but i Was Floored when i was right. He had seen my post i couldnt believe it. I talk about being on the same wavelength with @DistractedMasses & @ITSOKTOBEWHITE but that was crazy


Dont forget about the Mark Levin show

(877) 381-3811
3 - 6 pm


Don’t just limit yourself to Conservative Talk Radio. Troll the Liberals on their platforms. Act like you support the censorship & get the host to talk about it.


Great idea. My problem is that I’m too honest all the time I got to cut loose and make fun of their lies.


Aren’t conservative shows conservative because they already are red pilled?


Call up talking about Apple and then begin throwing hate at Alex Jones and Info Wars. A bit like that would go viral.


No one is helping alex so they are still blue pilled


We gotta call in because of the censorship. Odds are that these hosts don’t want the notoriety that comes with drawing attention to infowars. They are actually Traitors by not standing up for FreeSpeech. Toeing the Establishment line. Thinking they’re safe as long as they stay away form Alex Jones, maybe they’ll get eaten last. They all should jump to alex’s defence but they don’t so we’re here.


Love it! SATIRE! Has a better chance of getting through.


That’s the worst type of cowardness is to cuck to the establishment & not stand up for AJ and his free speech. That makes them the lowest of the low