#OwenIsNoPussy Great job standing up for yourself Owen


Great job standing up to these people Owen. Glad to see you taking the high road not blasting her information like CIANN would do as well. People have no idea what it’s like to be in your shoes right now. I can’t claim to understand either. Look what they are doing to Roger Stone. Something has to give. He does not deserve any of this.

Owen you make many of us proud to be on your side along with InfoWars. Rob Dew has been such an instrument in all this and glad to see him still preaching the truth. Harrison has been killing it as well on the David Knight show and we love and miss Dad David Knight. The truth just keeps flowing from you guys and I truly appreciate it. I will do my best to support you how I can for as long as I can.

Thanks you for everything over the years. InfoWars gave me sanity in this insane world.


So, a woman literally walked up to a man on camera, sexually assaulted him and is how many days later just getting arrested? (How many think she’ll get a slap on the wrist for show if anything at all)?

If this was a man committing sexual assault on camera, in the same amount of time there would be a rabid mob wondering why blood wasn’t spilled.

Still waiting for people who aren’t cowards to admit the only gender fighting for equality right now is men.


If all they listen to is legal action then so be it.

Shocking but I’m glad it wasn’t worse too in that so far InfoWars team and those alike haven’t been stabbed for instance. (Minus the man who was hit on his motorcycle less than two miles from his home after a haircut, God Bless his family) I did hear something grim about Jake Engles being pricked by a needle. I think for these types of actions there can be zero tolerance.


I would have like to see Owen press charges immediately against the idiot who grabbed his mic cover. That is theft and vandalism, plain and simple. The more he lets them get away with, the more they will try to fuck with him. Anyone puts one finger on Owen, he should go straight to the police and have them arrested. Forget about embarrassing them on camera with an interview.


If I may put my two sense in (yes, I know how to spell cents)

Owen…make it as public as possible. Don’t let her hide behind a court room. Make the settlement require a public apology and if she needs her mama there next to her, so be it!

If she needs a personal course on “forgiveness” afterwards, I would be willing to work with her one-on-one by phone for 3 (1/2 hour mtgs) at no cost.

I will be praying for you and that is not lip service.


I mean… the grabbing by the balls thing is what ever unless she REALLY did some damage. Now what I will say as far as “gender inequality” goes, is the main focus should be on how the majority of males in this country have there penis’ mutilated via circumcision against their will yet if you did the same to a female that would be illegal, even if you are a Muslim, via the 13/14thA circumcision is already illegal in America. And anyone that wants to claim 1stA, freedom of religion is also freedom from religion, even your parents.


Something to consider, cutting up a girls vag was viewed as legal in this country up until as recent as 1998… times change, consider we might still have a few fucked up things left in or culture to fix, we done did fixed slavery, ACTUAL racism, forced sterilization, might still be other things we dont see yet, people used to see those other things as fine and ok and would get mad if you suggested otherwise. Think about it.


Not if they’re in Europe and a certain demographic:(


I like the public apology part.


Dont think Owen found the incident particularly traumatic but probably right decision to press charges.Silly woman was drunk on the power of being part of a libtard mob and was showing off.She thought Owen would be cringing with embaressment not knowing he does this shit for a living.As been said it’s all about the way donning a Trump hat is a trigger for these idiots to dehumanize the wearer.


“T-Baggins” ~Owen right now on WarRoom show.