Perhaps we should


One does not need to go off half-cocked. And it is disheartening just to go out in the street and shout slogans!
And, it is getting you nowhere to go out and scream at the other side.
Perhaps, all of the REDSTATES should lobby their state congressional people and especially the REPUBLICAN Governors to SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE TYRANNY.


Take lessons.

The UK already had a political persecution, and that resulted in solitary confinement. for months.

What worked? What didn’t?


I agree we should focus on whatever is most effective but thats not to say protesting is not effective if it gets big enough.
I think the yellow vesters in France are a good example.


Protestors in France have permanent injuries, and deaths. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably coming.
Disarmed folks in UK were in the streets that day for Tommy. And they knew the risk, and what they were risking it for. In France same deal.

Make no mistake the establishment sent a swat team to send a message. they could have called him up and said come in, and he would have. We all know it. They do too. They did it to slap the American people in the face and say, yea? what of it? Because if you’re not willing to get arrested for someone else being arrested let alone what Europe is facing. Considering the level of freedom still remaining in the West… well… This is what the real world is.


Yup. Grab your yellow vests and stop the system. That’s what will win. Guaranteed. The rest of the world is waiting for the United States to wake up.


Warning, this is a re-edit to remove the idea of wearing a yellow vest. 2/2/19

  1. We have been given another extension,
    1.1 Do you believe that Trump knows what will happen if conservatives or republicans go out in yellow vests, they will be shot by snipers. DON’T BUY A YELLOW VEST. If leftists are going to kill babies up to birth in NY, they will fire on yellow vests that want to take back the USA.
    have sold out in HD, Lowes, etc ?
  2. Check your local hardware store, don’t ask, just look.
  3. What do you think about that…?
  4. Think it would be a bad idea to order it on Amazon?
    4.1 Yep, it would be.
    4.2 Think it would be a better ideal to makeshift a yellow vest?
    4.2.1 Yep, it would be…
    5.0 Someone finish this… I would like to finish my cup of tea


Stockpile essentials: water, food, warmth, guns and ammo. Stop participating in the system and yellow vest every day. Watch how fast their tyranny falls apart. Guaranteed.


Matt Bracken(sp?) has predicted, we do mass protest, get false flag blamed on us. Here’s the catch 22.
We protest unarmed we get beaten on like Occupy.
We protest open carry like Bundy standoff, we get framed for shots fired.

Of note, justice department doing double jeopardy on Bundys just like they did on Manafort

Need to figure a way on this. Eyes and ears open.


We stop caring of the consequences and see this through. It truly is the end game. It is here.


The founders faced charges of treason if they lost. They faced down cannon balls, muskets and bayonets as they battled. They faced starvation and freezing temperatures. But they won. And we’re about to let it be for nothing unless we reignite and redefine who the American Patriot is. It’s time.


Infiltrate the enemy!
Go toothier meetings and rallies as one of them,
Keep a low profile and try not to use your real name so they cannot look you up online


You do know he’s only out on account of a process anomaly, and still has to go to trial, yes?


I don’t know the specifics. each regions has differences in the law. NO I’m not an expert.

This is why I compare him to Tommy Robinson. In my view, he’s being politically persecuted. same oppression different circumstances/places.

Thing is, Everyone knew Tommy, and knew what and why he was where he was. They all knew and understood They all were just like him, and anyone of them could be Tommy next. If the people of the USA know and understand this like the people of the UK knew and understood this about Tommy, then I think you can impact the events as they progress. But it won’t happen without the engagement of We The People. (lawfully). If your laws work, he should be fine. if they don’t you have to know they don’t and be right there to raise the proper alarm.


On the Revelation documentary I posted, they were calling for us all to start at City and state levels because the federal level is completely corrupted… Research states rights, start getting neighbors and communities woke and go to City Hall, then move on to state capitals… Work on secession if we have to…


“If the federal government has the exclusive right to judge the extent of its own powers, warned the Kentucky and Virginia resolutions’ authors (Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, respectively), it will continue to grow – regardless of elections, the separation of powers, and other much-touted limits on government power.”
–Thomas E. Woods

Nullification: When a state “nullifies” a
federal law, it is proclaiming that the law in
question is void and inoperative, or
“non-effective,” within the boundaries of that
state; or, in other words, not a law as far as
that state is concerned

The 10th Amendment Movement is an effort to push back against unconstitutional federal laws and regulations on a state level. The principle is known as “nullification,” and was advised by many prominent founders.


The documentary also offered a solution of states creating their own currencies and systems too… I mean it’s a long shot and it would be met with resistance but what choices do we really have???


Unfortunately for some of us, secession means tyranny. Especially considering partial birth abortion is now legal…


Cuomo should be excommunicated, among other things…


I understand that… I think that was apart of their plan of divide and conquer!! :pensive:


Happiness in slavery: