Pewdiepie ADL blackmail conspiracy


The rumor is that Pewdiepie donated $50k to the ADL so they would leave him alone. The ADL is responsible for Disney dropping him a few years ago and now they have control over YouTube censorship.

His channel just hit 100 million subs and the comment section is broken. There are tons of people posting about the ADL so the comments are only showing “newest first” in order to have as little anti ADL comments on the screen at one time.

If you go on twitter and search for adl and filter for “latest” its all about pewdiepie and the ADL conspiracy.

Same thing if you twitter search pewdiepie all of the latest tweets are either about the ADL or about the broken youtube comment section.,adl

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I’ve always wondered how this guy managed to become so popular. Just like I don’t see how some college kid could pull off the success of Facebook.

These people I believe have “help”.


@Memeart, you are mistaken.


Pew Die Pie is not like a robot, unlike Mark Zuckerberg.

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How am I “mistaken”?

I just don’t believe one individual can attain such “success” without help, especially online when we know full well what happens online involving Google and YouTube is very carefully managed.

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Who does NOT get help? Even I get help and I am nobody. Do you see how @Rob_Roy helps me? Like, we all help out each other. So, how is Pew Die Pie different?


If you don’t know what I’m saying, then never mind. Not interested in 20 questions.

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And already, ScrewTube took down the video.

Wonder if his wife has some ins with the ADL…


He did have help from Disney. That’s the entire point. The Adl got mad when he said some bad words on a gaming livestream and they got Disney to drop him. The adl was running a campaign to try to ruin him. Why would anybody donate $50k to an organization that was trying to ruin you unless you thought it would make them back off? Then they did back off. It’s pretty clear cut extortion. I’m sure Alex Jones will talk about it today or PJW usually keeps up with pewdiepie news. Its important because it’s part of the culture wars. Pewdiepie is hands down the #1entertainer in the world. Everybody under 18 knows and has been a fan of him at some point.


Hey, soon to be a two hour video on the ADL!


Wouldn’t be surprised at all if it has something to do with getting them off his back, yeah. Not sure its something I would spend time digging about either. ADL are a-holes like that.

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Unless you are some kind of video game loser who sits in front of a screen all day long wasting your time instead of doing things that actually translate into the real world and is actually productive.

Um…nobody cares.


Any publicity is good publicity…


Having the name “Hollywood” and not understanding the importance of pop culture of our society.


Hollywood, Maryland (est. 1600’s) is where I am from, and if you call this “Pop Culture” and “Important” Then it’s no wonder you are stuck in your Mamma’s basement jerking off to video games instead of building something worthwhile.


“The biggest youtuber in history isn’t pop culture.”
“The guy most kids watch isn’t important”
“If you care about the adl running shakedowns on celebs in order to scare them into self censorship you live in a basement.”
You are either a shill or a massive douchebag.


Just to clarify…

  1. After paying two men on Fiverr to hold up a sign that said “death to all Jews” in 2017, Disney severed ties with him.
  2. The ADL’s response was, "ADL commends Disney’s decision to sever ties with PewDiePie following his posting of videos on YouTube containing swastikas and other anti-Semitic content. This clearly crosses a line, but is becoming all-too commonplace on social media.”
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I have not seen Pew Die Pie on Disney. Therefore, I do not see relevance in talking about Disney. What did Disney do for Felix? Does Felix tell people to subscribe to Felix on YouTube or what?


Did Disney pay Felix or send him video games to review?