Pewdiepie ADL blackmail conspiracy


@Rob_Roy, how is or was Disney connected to Felix?


This company owns that company which owns this company which works with Pewdiepie.
Read the article, they explain the relationship better than I can.

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That is what I was thinking. I think what Marzia wants goes. I like Felix, but I don’t like seeing this kind of surrender, either to a wife or a powerful interest group.


You’re a single man, aren’t you?


THAT definitely was made by a single man who has never married!

(He IS a high school student :wink:)


Every time I’ve ever seen him show anything like that it has always been to make fun of it. Context doesn’t matter these days though.


Maybe context matters less when you joke about Nazism and A) Disney is involved and/or B) the majority of you fans are children.


Here’s your answer. No conspiracy necessary hehe.


Google made me since I am affiliated with them via the fact I have a Gmail account.