Plane crashes 🤔 why so many already this year?


"BREAKING" Tel-Aviv-bound Norwegian Boeing 737 diverted


Hmm…Why are all these plane crashes happening? Mabey the powers that be are causing these crashes artificially. Why? To restrict movement. To make people not go anywhere. To fear your life is in danger if you fly?
I don’t know. Movement by air is still one of the safest ways to go for travel by far imo.


Practice makes perfect?


I’d say only way to figure out if this is planned would be to not only do research for who’s on these planes. But to also start testing the fuel ratios of these flights and if there is anything they have in common. I’m sure there is a plan however since real journalism is punished we will likely never know.


True, for all we know the deep state could be playing airliner bingo.


A few years ago the National Transportation Safety Board was supposed to re-examine the the 1959 crash that killed Buddy Holly and Valens saying new evidence about the fuel was in question and not pilot error. Don’t know what came of it. You guys mentioning the fuel aspect reminded me of it.


My concern is that it use to be where these stories would be on national news. Now they ignore them all together. Almost completely characteristic of a plan or strategy.




Owen had some good points on the show yesterday. He was comparing the Ethiopian crash to the flight 93 9/11
crash in Pennsylvania. He compared crashes that had multiple witnesses and video to these two crashes and noticed that the Ethiopian and the 911 ones had very little debris,no plane, just a few things scattered. When you look at witness confirmed crashes there is pieces of plane everywhere, very noticeably a plane crash. With these two there is not.



This guy… :thinking: These last video he did was great… He knows his stuff.


I’m curious who was on that flight… I know us and Israeli citizens were on there… :expressionless:


Ok found a partial answer!!! Even if it’s from CNN :expressionless:

Max Thabiso Edkins, a World Bank employee, was one of the 157 victims of Sunday’s crash. He was en route to the United Nations Environment Assembly and One Planet Summit in Nairobi, Kenya.

A 35-year old national of both Germany and South Africa, he joined the World Bank Group in January 2013. He served as a communications officer for Connect4Climate, a multi-partner communications platform that advocates for climate action.

Twenty-one United Nation staffers were killed in the Ethiopian Airlines plane crash, UN officials said Monday, revising a death toll provided to CNN earlier in the day.

One of the fatalities was re-classified as non-UN staff, as he was an outside expert and not UN personnel, a UN spokesperson said.

Azoulay specifically referred to Sebastiano Tusa, an Italian expert on underwater archaeology, who had been en route to deliver a keynote address at a UNESCO conference in Kenya.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the death of Professor Tusa. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his family and to the relatives of all the victims of this terrible crash, including UN staff,” said Azoulay.

The 737 MAX is Boeing’s most important plane, and China is Boeing’s most important market. That’s why China’s decision to ground all Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets operated by its airlines is so significant.

It’s too early to know how long the grounding will last or what the ultimate fallout will be, but the news is not good for Boeing.

"BREAKING" Tel-Aviv-bound Norwegian Boeing 737 diverted

600+ MPH nose dive impact.
Not unusual to find only small fragments remaining as opposed to a belly impact that scatters larger peices of aircraft. Remains of black recorder boxes, turbine engines, ect. can be found embedded as far as 6ft under impact crator.
So yes, the site of the Ethiopia airliner is very similar to United Airlines flight 93 that vaporized in a high speed nose first crash.



Check this video out about the 737. Very insightful.