Political Party System - Government Sanctioned Discrimination


Since the founding of America, there have been political parties. Whigs, Federalists, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, you name it we have them. Seems like a fair system doesn’t it?

In theory. But in practice? Not even close.

We constantly preach there shouldn’t be discrimination, yet the party system is designed to discriminate. If you don’t think so, then pay attention to how you react when you learn somebody is a Democrat when you are a Republican. You get that negative feeling solely because they are of the “opposing party” when you don’t even know the person. It is only when you hear what the person supports or doesn’t support that you can honestly make an informed decision. That has nothing to do with which party the person is registered under, yet everyday decisions are made by our politicians based on which party is doing the promoting.

Political parties are not a problem themselves. They are a way to better organize thoughts and ideas, however, the problem is with how the party itself is run. And those parties are run by a relatively small and select group of people. THAT is the problem.

Too many people don’t want to be bothered with the details, so they resort to decision-making based on which party. They don’t read the fine print, and the parties count on that. They play on it and use it to manipulate the public.

As a result, politicians use the party system against the wishes of the people. Notice how the focus is on what the politician stands for and not what the people they represent stand for?

We the People have given up managing their representatives, and those representatives have given their loyalty to the party they are a member of.

Want proof? Then just look at how many times a bill is presented by say a Republican in a Democrat majority Congress. What happens? The bill usually goes nowhere, right?

How many times do we hear the phrases “along party lines”, or “bi-partisan” (a fraud when the truth is we have a multi-party system), or even the widely spoken phrase “across the aisle”.

We also have heard the phrase “divide and conquer”, which is exactly what the party system is doing in the manner in which it is being manipulated.

They have made the voting process a contact sport. But it isn’t a game of sport, yet the people just love to be on the winning team. The party system plays on the people’s desire to be fans of the Red Sox or the Yankees.

In order to begin reigning in the rogues who are using the party system against the people, those parties need their power taken away. If America has any chance at all of restoring the republic to the people, the party system must be rendered irrelevant.


To be replaced by what? Not a one party system like China. With the internet, if they would just let us do it right, we could have so much transparency and great communication. I think the current problem is not red blue, but deep state or not. From my point of view the power has been in a small group for decades and they have got all the key positions through out all. It’s an uphill battle to start with. Just today, I was thinking
if Trump could start a 1776 branch of the Republicans that could leave the GOP in the past.

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It’s an illusion of choice with the same outcome regardless of party.


First thing I would do would be to kick the fed out and go back to the gold standard and put out warrants for people like Soros and his Rothchild handlers that create the special interest groups that fuel corruption here. The federal mafia must be taken down imo.


Replaced? Nope, never said that.

I said,


So MLK everyone by their character is this what you are saying? or if not, please expand, if not replaced
what are you saying, rendered irrelevant and what does it look like then?

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“Rendered irrelevant” can’t be explained in short order because it is so entrenched in the voting process. It would be a really involved process to undo the system’s grip.

I don’t know what the details of that process would end up being. I’m just stating my opinion. It may be that I’m a minority and most want the current system as it is. Truth be told, there are many that have no problem with gaming a system to get an advantage on their opponents.

Clarifying the flaws and how it hurts America should be a starting point.