***Poll--- Censorship On InfoComms***


Ok Infocomms

I just want to get the temperature of this platform…Just an brief description of some events. I started a bitch fest due to sharing a video for my contest submission that got me placed in Infocomms Jail. Then censorship/moderation started happening to others and morphed its way into an issue with other members like MagaTitan, Pastor Sam, Mischief Griff, and others.

  • Fix the censorship on Infocomms.com with public apology to the IWA in its entirety.
  • No issue carry on.

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…UPDATE July 16th Posts taken down by @guardian6… The Infocomms Censorship continues…Stand down has been lifted Commence #MemeWar #FireAtWill. Doxxing is taking place as well…its beginning to look alot like Twitter.

Still waiting for SOMEONE from #InfoWars to take #Ownership of this platform and the PROLIFIC violations of out 1st Amendment. @iwarmy @guardian6 @star305 @love123 Man the F**k Up.

#MemeBrigade has a plan of action… Do you want to be responsible for a PR NIGHTMARE. #ImYourHuckleberry


Im guilty of starting this monster of negativity and the #MemeBrigade want to be the crew that ends it. . I have nothing but love for you all and in my perception VALID points were made and I think we are at the point to bring this to a close… Please help us out to take the poll below. This will be a good tool for the Infowars Brand to have side conversations with the ones with issues.





Do me a favor…hold your breath while you wait for that apology!!!

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I am not apologizing to your bot accounts…there are just too many!!!

You didn’t respond to my private message!!!

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You are one deranged fuck!!!

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Bomber One to bomber two…Open the bomb bay doors #MemeBomb in progress.


There is nothing. No education. No family life to open my
Arms to. You’d say that my job is today, yet gone tomorrow.

I’ll be broke in a gutter.
I know the opinion. A broken record. Fuck you and your
College dream. Fact is, we’re stronger than all.
You’re working for perfect bodies, perfect minds and perfect
Neighbors. But I’m helping to legalize dope on
Your pristine streets and I’m making a fortune.
You’re muscle and gall. Naive at best. I’m bone, brain and
Cock. Deep down stronger than all.

A sad state of affairs. A crippled America. A pipe dream
Buttfucked. Immune. Stronger than all.

@OwenShroyer= A lament for a rookie officer, punk ass weak little lamb.
For the mob, truly, does rule at this particular time.

#MemeBrigade Break Down********

@Mischief_With_Griff @thisismemewarroger @Zor @Memeart #MemeBrigade= We’ve grown into a monster. An arrogant, explosive motherfuck.
Hard as a rock. Shut like a lock.
Finally, the president in submission. He holds out his hand on
Your television and draws back a stump. It’s too late for some.

Far too late.

No more holdbacks. No more paying a cops paycheck. Let him
Bust his own child. The son that heeds my word and smokes my dope.
The daughter that sucks me off and snorts cheap anything.

Hail Kings. The new Kings. Stronger than all.

A simple process to legalize. There would not be a choice but to
Take our side. Be there no question of certain strengths. Know
This intention. Forever stronger than all #IWA.






RIP to the InfoComms House Fly @joeyarnold


Lol @Vitt I think you were refering to @Leviticus threatening to doxx @Mischief_With_Griff… Your safe from the #MemeBrigade. Everyone has their own opinion…

HOWEVER between all the users whom have been #Censored by Comms we have PROLIFIC evidence to substantiate these claims. We are not trying to change your mind… Just making sure we give this platform a fair chance to address or, speak on the matter before a Public Relations Nightmare.

We do not condone acts of violence of threats… however discussing tactics and self defense towards ANTIFA is not/should not be an violation of TOS.

We are simply holding accountability, much like @OwenShroyer is trying to do by the War Room on 7/18/2019 discussing Trump disemboweling the chants “Send her back” at his rally. Part of being a LEADER or a BRAND that represents AMERICANA, AMERICAN VALUES, CONSTITUTION, FREEDOM you should NOT have a platform that does the VERY THING they (InfoWars) is CONSTANTLY whining about…CENSORSHIP.

Does that spell it out to you @Vitt?


I’ve doxxed no one you fucking imbecile!!!

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@Leviticus calm you tits… you are correct… You THREATENED to DOXX. Moving on.


Geez he has some sand in his vagina…there is options to help ease his feminine discomfort and rebalance the Ph levels in his vag.


There’s a lot of sandy vaginas around here in general man.

I did misunderstand. I thought YOU were calling for doxing.


@Vitt LMAO that was perfect… our sand came from a different shore. You know…Censorship peer


Watching you guys argue back and forth is giving me a good laugh while I’m drinking a beer.



Happy Friday @millennialocracy :beer: bröst :beer:

Pour me a Colorado Kool-Aid…