Post a Banned Person


Post a banned person or whatever in this thread.

Banned people may include

Alex Jones

Feel free to add to this list.


My ISP banned me from Infocomms…I can only get here using a virtual VPN :expressionless:


…Who is your ISP?


Cox…They banned me from coming here 3 nights ago


Tried all the browsers and lasted about 2 minutes each…Opera with thier VPN feature is the only thing that works

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I have Comcast and I am on the Infocomms.


The ISP Rectu- er Spectrum is also OK for the time being. Of course, I’m also in a non-monopoly area when it comes to telecom (Ma Bell does internet here), so that could change things a bit.

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Wow that would piss me off. What VPN do you use? are you happy with it?

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