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I could not find a shorter version, but at 59 minutes in, the opening prayer is given about abortion, pretty good. Check it out.

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:left_speech_bubble: Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing. — Lao Tzu

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This THREAD is a CLONE of a Original Thread that has been Created by the INFOCOMMS resident TROLL. Please Direct your posts to the proper Thread, Stop Feeding the Trolls.




@Bingozee, you do not want to start a meme thread? Are you against free speech? Did @TheIsz copyright that thread?


@Fubar, I did not say you were one. I did not say that you said I was one. That was not what I was trying to say. I was discussing the role of government and I was not talking about morality. I’m a Christian. I believe in the Ten Commandments. I hate child porn. I’m against that. But I was talking about the relationship that government should have with individuals, with citizens. I’m trying to emphasize on anarchy, on the opposite of authoritarianism. So, I made an analogy using the topic of child porn as an example to compare the contrast between authoritarianism and anarchy and that is one of the many different things that I try to say. I try to make deep points. They are deep sophisticated points. But I enjoy using small words while making my points. Many different points at the same time. I want to make government smaller. It is tough to do that if they have to enforce too many laws, rules, that can become too subjective when God is taken out of society as mentioned in that like 2002 or 2003 movie called Time Changer.


It’s seems Joey is using some one else’s picture, making duplicate threads, and taking over this entire place, posting as much quanity as possible.


@Fubar, how do you know that is his picture? The answer to that question is simply that you assume that it is the avatar of @TheIsz solely based off the fact that he was using it. However, that is not how the Internet works. I can write a book about that. It seems that you really don’t get it. But most people would agree with you. But most people can be wrong about many things. Just because a lot of people agree on something (democracy), that doesn’t mean it is necessarily true. I do what I do for many different reasons and I have been doing these things for over a decade now and I believe in the many different things that I do. I should write books about the different things that I do. I am trying to explain over ten different things to you and to the world. I am asking questions. I am trying to show you some new things. Some new things. Some different things. I’m asking you to think outside the box, the Matrix.


Yup… Well aware of it…

Basically I think it’s Lame.

PS: @joeyarnoldvn

I closed the servers dumb ass. Maybe as I tried mentioning earlier, Think before you commit. Honestly Joey, I am not sure what has gotten in to you, but you are being more of a Troll then normal, Is it the attention, are you so desperate that you will settle and even BEG for more even when the attention you get is pretty much 100% Negative?

Just a consideration Joe, This is what people whom are Truly hurting do, and I understand how you could be hurt, not only Emotionally but mentally, I have to ask and I am sure you are also completely aware of this reality, WHY do you persist when you know full well its UNHEALTHY. Why not consider ways of getting POSITIVE energy, I can assure you it is much more rewarding and satisfying.

Anyway I hope you get the point, beyond that I have already placed you back on Mute.



@Bingozee @Bingoze banned me from his Discord. He said he was not going to do that but he did. Additionally, he placed me on mute. He likes to talk at people and not with them. It is like yelling at somebody like leftists do followed with running away. Freewill is always there, of course. Freewill is fundamental. Our choices define us. We can choose dialog or we can choose, perhaps, to run away.


Google is becoming a telephone company.

Introducing Google Fi.


Google is becoming a telephone company. That is big.


Undertaker Theme Song

12:37 AM - The Undertaker Theme Song - Bill Bailey was humming this song or a song like it in our movie, Heaven Or Hell, from May 1996. I didn’t realize that until while watching some WWE. I think the Undertaker was on Monday Night Raw or something recently. I saw on YouTube trending. That led me down a rabbit trail. He was pretty big from like 1991-2019. To this day, he is still a pretty big wrestler. He was in the ring in 2019, even. Hulk Hogan said he found him when he was making a movie called something Commando. So, Hogan discovered him. Many wrestlers say they admire him.


Really? Are you sure?

If so, then why are you playing in the world of Satan? Do you think you are saving anyone? Maybe convert them to the beliefs of Saint Joey?

Do you know that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways?



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