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@NPC posted this - Former Parkland school deputy arrested on 11 charges tied to shooting - looks breaking to me. Parkland News - Former Parkland school deputy arrested on 11 charges tied to shooting. Peterson is charged with seven counts of child neglect, three counts of culpable negligence and one count of perjury.



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Nuclear War in Yemen

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“Joe Biden’s first run at President in 1988.”


Why did you post that? It’s nothing but click bait.

Nobody is using nuclear weapons! That’s just stupid propaganda “breaking news” designed to get channel views. In other words, Fake News.

Post a Girl - Because Women Power
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They’re clearly using nukes. You do know what a tactical nuke is right?

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Clearly? Prove it.

And yes, I know exactly what a tactical nuclear device is. When I was in the Navy, I almost reenlisted under the Navy’s nuclear program. That’s why I call bullshit and say show us the proof.


This is direct symptom of devaluing men from society.
If society valued them, they would have protected them from this with love.
No instead society silenced their ideas, drove them from society and is still thrusting the finger of accountability at them.

This isn’t the fault of MEN, this is the symptom of sick society relentlessly assaulting and discarding them while destroying the family structure. And nothing changes until everyone else starts taking not JUST their fair share of accountability, but MORE than to compensate for the damage already done.


Proof discussed in the video. Enjoy.

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Take a look at the frequency of events like these.
They no longer care about safety precautions, they’re not concerned about forethought or prevention. They’re more interested in mopping up the aftermath than protect the present.

Suggests to me the corruption in charge is quite prepared for the world to end at a moment’s notice.


Medicaid should have to get consent from each tax payer on every state and federal tax form for how they are authorized to spend your money. Medicaid also fully funds abortions in these 15 states:

People not interested in funding (and incentivizing) illegal immigration and abortion should not be forced to support these activities through taxation.


Is it just a coincidence that all these Congolese immigrants are going to San Antonio

The silicon valley of MK ULTRA?

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Not sure what the deal is at NASA now. Seems NASA has decided to go the way of the Russians in selling seats. Will they start selling equipment on the open market too?